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A Guide to Creating an Exceptional Student Volunteer Program at Your University or College

Creating a sustainable volunteer program is not an easy task from recruitment to scheduling and day-of management. This guide will help you create or evolve a volunteer program at your university or college. 
A Guide to Creating an Exceptional Student Volunteer Program At Your University or College

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Take Your Volunteer Program The Next Level 

InitLive works with universities and colleges to build an exceptional volunteer program through a streamlined volunteer management process. 

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Provide a quality experience through a flawlessly planned and executed event & program.
Build a reliable network of skilled, loyal & committed volunteers.
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Optimize your event & program to scale year over year.


 We used this software to organize our student orientation volunteers. Previous to using the software, we used a pen & paper approach. We wanted to solve our scheduling issues by moving to a digital solution. In the end, we got so much more. What did I like most? That everything was now contained in one place - we could allow our volunteers to select their own shifts, change them as needed, see gaps in our schedule, and COMMUNICATE with volunteers from the app. It was a remarkable.

- Adam Daniels,Student Transitions Specialist