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We Are InitLive

Our Story


InitLive was founded in 2013 by Debbie & Melissa Pinard, a mother-daughter duo.

As event frequenters and long time nonprofit volunteers, they grew a deep appreciation for the hard work of event organizers and nonprofits, and their teams. Between using tools like spreadsheets, walkie-talkies, and simply running around on-site, Melissa and Debbie knew there had to be a better way.

Safety and communication are key. They wanted to eliminate anything that hindered managers from leveraging the power of their team. Their goal was to develop technology that would act as a manager's personal assistant - keeping organizers and staff connected, informed, and empowered to make changes quickly.

Today, Melissa and Debbie are proud to say that InitLive is the only company that equips live event and day-to-day programs and their staff and volunteers with both a real-time communication system and a comprehensive scheduling service. The hard work of the company has resulted in numerous industry awards, four granted patents, and a rapidly growing customer base around the world.

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Our Vision

InitLive is a world-class technology platform, offering operational excellence to organizations and event producers while empowering staff and volunteers with the tools they need to thrive. 

Our Mission

 At InitLive, it is our mission to help recruit, organize, and connect staff and volunteers, who we believe are the foundation of every great event, initiative, and nonprofit program.


What Makes Us Unique?

InitLive is the only scheduling, recruitment, and communications tool that is designed for both live events and day-to-day programming. The system is customizable to your organization's specific needs and structure, allowing you to pre-configure permission levels, locations, form questions, roles, qualifications, groups, and more. Staff scheduling and communication continue on-site with a free mobile app that keeps the team connected: track check-ins (also available through an optional kiosk), manages the schedule, assign new tasks, and communicate emergencies discreetly.




Our mother-daughter founders have naturally inspired a family culture amongst the InitLive team. A regular day at the office consists of lots of laughs, celebrations for every new development, and encouragement to try new and exciting things. Our team is dedicated to giving back to our local community.

The founders are also strong advocates of diversity and women in tech, with our offices consisting of employees from all over the world and an even female/male ratio. 

We work hard and play hard: Attending & volunteering at events, craft beer (especially those with witty titles), eating shawarma, hanging out with our office fish, weekly robocode battles, and giving back to the community. 

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