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Dec 12, 2018 8:58:00 AM by InitLive

10 Clever Thank You Gift Ideas for Event Volunteers

Volunteer Management

Congratulations! You've been putting on fantastic events all year. And thanks to your awesome volunteers, you've stayed within your budget. Now it's time to show your gratitude this holiday season. In most cases, you just need to show a small token of appreciation to keep your top-performing volunteers coming back in the New Year. Now, if you liked the last edition of our volunteer gift guide, here are even more clever "thank you" gift ideas for your event volunteers:

1. "Thanks a LATTE for all you do!"

Send a Starbucks eGift card by email with this clever message to your volunteers. If they follow you on one of your social media accounts, you can treat them to a free cup of Starbucks coffee.  (You actually send them a barcode which they take to their local Starbucks.)

2. "Your help is worth a million bucks!"

Tell each volunteer they're worth a million bucks with a Million Dollar Bar from any number of confection brands out on the market. For Barton's Million Dollar Bars ordered online from Target, you get two packs of 12 2-ounce bars. Another option is the Nestlé 100 Grand Bar, available through Sam's Club at $31.98 for a pack of 36.

3. "You're a STAR!" 

Let your volunteers know that your team is bursting with stars, and they're one of them. You can order boxes of 36 2.07-ounce Starburst packages for $28.00 from TalDepot, with free shipping for orders over $30.00.

3. "We've hit PAYDAY with you!" 

Send a text or email to your volunteers communicating that "with your valuable contributions, we've hit payday!" and give out free Payday Bars during the day. Candy Warehouse offers packs of 24 bars for $24.00. Like other candy bar suppliers, this company can also customize corporate candy orders. A fee is usually involved, so look for discounts. 

4. "You're a LIFESAVER!"

Send your volunteers this message and have a pack of Lifesavers with this well-known saying waiting for them at the office. Sam's Club offers packs of 20 1.14-ounce rolls to members, coming to about $0.50 cents each. 

5. "I DONUT know what I would have done without you!"

Email or text your volunteer crew that comes in first thing in the morning with this deliciously cryptic message. Then have goodies from your favorite local doughnut shop waiting for them, either delivered or ordered online and picked up on the way. For a holiday twists which give anyone a smile, check out Krispy Kreme's limited edition decorated holiday doughnut collection featuring fun favorites like the Santa Belly Doughnut and the Ugly Sweater Doughnut.

6. "Take a BREAK on us!"

Adapted from the Kit Kat Bar's famous "Gimme a Break" slogan, text your volunteers with this message and a few warm words of gratitude. And don't forget to let them know they have an extra 15-minute break scheduled for the day, complete with an ample supply of Kit Kats in the break room. For less than $22.00 for each pack of 36 1.5-ounce bars, you can order through amazon.com.

7. "Thank you BERRY much!"

Attach this tagline and a personalized message to a small jar of jam for every volunteer. Depending upon the bulk package you buy, you'll receive 1-ounce jars of preserves for less than a dollar each through amazon.com.

8. "You're all that and a BAG OF CHIPS!"

Send a mystery message with this tagline before your volunteers arrive to pick up their chips. A variety pack through Sam's Club gives you 50 one-ounce bags of chips for $12.76.

9. "Be TWIX you and me, we couldn't have done it without you!"

Share the secret with this tagline electronically, and then surprise your volunteers at work when they come in. For a little over $20.00, amazon.com sells 1.79-ounce Twix Cookie Bars per box of 36 packets.

10. "You're one of the PIECES that makes this team work!"

Emphasize your employee's valuable contribution to teamwork with this message and a small bag of Reese's Pieces. Sold through Creative Merchandising and fulfilled through amazon.com, you can order a box of 36 pouches for less than $32.00. 

Some final tips: By downloading store apps, you can explore the options offered by Target, Walmart, and other discount retailers for sending out barcodes electronically. If you choose to send out barcodes directly to your volunteers as social media followers, be sure to have their correct, updated email addresses beforehand. Also, check into customizing corporate candy orders with personalized messages and company logos.

For everything else that needs to be done for your volunteer coordination, check out InitLive's all-in-one volunteer scheduling & communication tool. Manage your events, recruit and coordinate your volunteer teams, and complete just about any volunteer-related task available with InitLive.

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