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Jun 26, 2019 9:03:00 AM by InitLive

12 Essential Volunteer Roles for your Next Tournament

Volunteer Management, Sporting Event Management

Volunteer-roles-for-tounamentsIf you're planning a tournament, you know that winging the prep just doesn't work. Rather than waiting to see who shows up before designating duties, it's important to assign and schedule all volunteers beforehand so that nothing is left undone. To help you out, we've made a list of twelve essential volunteer roles for your next sporting related tournament. 

1. Set-up

Have a fresh crew show up early with access to an online to-do list. Since they may be the first volunteers on the site, make sure they have instant access to a supervisor's number in case they have questions or run into surprises. 

2. Volunteer registration and check-in

Besides providing online registration and check-in, designate a physical place where a team lead meets everybody and takes attendance.

3. Registration (for teams/players)

Make online registration available where clubs can register their teams and players ahead of time. Keep the roster list posted for coaches, referees, and scorekeepers to access and update as necessary.

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4. Information station

Have your volunteers fully trained so they can answer questions accurately. If you're using an event management tool like InitLive, keep all the information they may need to provide to the public in one place for quick access.

5. Food and water station

Have to-do lists posted online to include duties such as cleaning, restocking information, and waste disposal procedures. 

6.  Field marshal

Keep a field marshal schedule online where volunteers can sign up far in advance. Also, post a checklist of the field marshal's tournament duties before, during, and after the game.

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7. Scorekeeper

Offer both online tutorials and face-to-face training for your volunteer scorekeepers.  Have player rosters and suspension lists stored online and regularly updated for scorekeepers to access and review to verify player eligibility. Also, provide templates for keeping track of player statistics and standings and for writing reports. 

8. Referee

Have a list of referees posted online well in advance of your tournaments. Provide an online checklist of pre-game duties such as inspecting the field, meeting the coaches, and checking in the players. In addition, store templates for any required reports that need to be filled out. Lastly, keep an online list of specific league or club rules and requirements for referees.

9. Floaters/runners

Schedule floaters specifically instead of pulling volunteers off of other roles when it gets busy. Use a tool like InitLive to maintain real-time communication with floaters so you can contact them wherever they are. 

10. Parking attendants

Post parking maps online so your parking attendants can familiarize themselves with the parking zones ahead of time. And allow them online access to emergency procedures and supervisor contact information.

11. Breakdown

Designate a fresh breakdown crew on the schedule instead of using the same crew that arrived early for setup. Have a checklist of breakdown duties posted online, and make sure all breakdown volunteers follow appropriate safety procedures.

12. Trash 

Finally, designate an official trash crew and assign them sections to monitor and clean during the tournament. Also, keep in contact with them in real time in case you need to call them for an emergency cleanup. 

When planning your next sports tournament, game, or match, use InitLive's all-in-one volunteer management and communication tool. Communicate in real time, provide multi-level access, offer online registration and scheduling, and much more to make your sporting event run safely and smoothly

For more information on organizing successful events through exceptional volunteer management, check out our resource page!

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