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Aug 24, 2016 9:30:00 AM by InitLive

3 Olympics-inspired team-building activities for your event volunteers

Volunteer Management


Volunteers are one of the most important components of hosting an event. How do you make your team even more fabulous than they already are? Team-building activities not only get your volunteers excited about your event, they also allow them to get to know each other and form connections, resulting in a more united team. In honor of the games in Rio, here are 3 Olympics-inspired team-building activities for your event volunteers.

World Geography Challenge


Play this game with the entire group or divided into smaller groups if needed. Team members stand in a circle and say the name of a country. The person beside of them has to name a country starting with the last letter of the country named before. Example: person 1 says Canada, person 2 says Afghanistan, person 3 says Nepal. Allow each member one "friendly hint" where they can ask another group member for help, and watch the lines of communication go wild!

3-Legged Race


What better way to bond with a team member than sharing a leg? Provide volunteers with a sturdy garbage bag and have them each place a leg in the bag. No need to make the racing distance too far because the fun is watching the teams work together, as well as, hearing all of the laughter. Bonus tip: purchase inexpensive gold, silver, and bronze medals at a party supply store for your top racers. 

Common Traits Competition


Provide your event team with a list of traits and a pencil. Some trait ideas are "born in March" or "have blue eyes." The goal is for everyone to run around asking people if they have any traits in common and when they find someone with a common trait, they record their name beside that trait. Keep a bell at the front of the competition area so the first person to check off all of the traits on their list can declare themselves the winner. This is a great ice-breaker and a wonderful way to learn others' names. 

Team-building activities are fun and motivating for your event volunteers. Be inspired by this summer's Olympic games, and start working in some fun activities to get your team ready for your big event.

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