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Jul 6, 2016 9:30:00 AM by InitLive

3 Tips For Keeping Your Event Data Secure

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In a world run by technology, data security is at the forefront of everyone's minds, including event planners. Sometimes it feels like a major security breach shows up in the news every other week, and it raises concerns for those with sensitive information to protect. Most assume the biggest risk comes from the outside, but many forget about the potential threat from within the organization.

So how can you keep your event data secure using an event tech tool like InitLive? Here are a few ways:

Secure Access

Perhaps the easiest way to ensure your event data is protected is by requiring account users to set their own passwords and remind them to keep it private. Reiterate the importance of those passwords, and consider requiring users to utilize a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols to increase security. Too many event planners don't change their passwords as often as they should, and others even make the mistake of sharing their passwords with others. When each event manager and volunteer create an account with InitLive, setting a password is a requirement, making it an intuitive part of the process.

Review Event Security Policies

Periodically take a look at the data security policies put in place by your event tech provider. You'll want to check that those policies cover the level of security your business requires. They should include the proper steps to take in order to securely share and dispose of event data through the web / app. When you're able to keep all of your data on one platform, it becomes a lot easier to control who can have access to it.

Go Paperless

When a security breach happens from the inside, it's often because individuals get their hands on confidential papers that were printed out and left unattended. Other times, data was stored on an external disc or USB drive that was stolen. Using an online tool and mobile app will help you avoid this scenario. Keeping information securely stored within the tool you're using will remove the need to store sensitive information, including staff lists and contact information, offline. The fewer opportunities there are for an unauthorized person to get their hands on it, the less likely it is to be taken.

Your event data is something you've worked hard to build up and it's important that it not fall in to the wrong hands. So, protect this investment by making the 3 considerations above.

For more info on how the use of mobile technology compares to traditional tools for events, check out this infographic: "How Mobile is Impacting Your Event."

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