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May 26, 2020 12:30:00 PM by InitLive

3 Ways to Convert Volunteers to Donors in Your Nonprofit

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Often, nonprofits regard their volunteers and donors as separate, like a Venn diagram, where the crossover section in the middle stays relatively small.  People who donate money help provide-much needed supplies, and those who donate time offer their priceless hands-on support. Both types of contributions are imperative to the success of a nonprofit, and both types of contributions tend to come from the same people. It is estimated that 85% of volunteers donate to the nonprofits that they volunteer for (Global Trends in Giving Report), proving that if you take excellent care of your volunteers, your volunteers will take excellent care of your organization. 

Provide an Engaging Experience

Disengagement is a major reason why some nonprofits see high turnover rates of volunteers. When volunteers are not trained properly, welcomed warmly, or acknowledged regularly, they begin to feel disengaged. At this point, chances are good they won't return, and the nonprofit lose the chance of also converting them to a donor. When volunteers receive comprehensive training, clear communication, and adequate resources, they tend to feel more engaged and genuinely connected to an organization. 50% of participants donate more money to an organization because they volunteer there (Fidelity Charitable Study). Providing engaging experiences increases the likelihood that your volunteers will stick around, eventually becoming donors as well. 

Make Sure Giving is Easy

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to do a good deed or give to a good cause, only to find that it's a much more difficult process than it should be. Take a few moments to reflect on your donation collection system, and consider ways to make it even more simple than it already is. Providing online, mail-in, and in-person donation options allow flexibility for volunteers to donate. The harder something is, the less likely people are to follow through. Convenience is key in donation collection, so make sure it's easy for your volunteers to give. 

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Create a Seamless Volunteer Management System

Chaotic, confusing environments are a surefire way to scare many potential volunteers off, effectively reducing your organization's chance at additional monetary donations as well. One way to keep your nonprofit organized is to implement a seamless volunteering management system, like the ones InitLive provides.  InitLive's volunteer management tools can provide simple volunteer recruitment, applications, and scheduling, as well as useful data that can help your organization retain volunteers. 

Those who give time and those who give money are incredibly important to the success of any nonprofit, but people who give time and money are invaluable. Follow these three steps to forge genuine connections with your volunteers, increasing the likelihood they will also become donors. 

If you would like to learn more about retaining your volunteers and ensuring they are fulfilled by the work they do for your nonprofit check out our technical guide for retaining volunteers. 

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