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Jan 14, 2021 12:29:46 PM by InitLive

4 Corporate Volunteer Program Benefits

4 Corporate Volunteer Program Benefits

Corporate volunteering is the pursuit of employees taking part in a sponsored or company-organized program dedicated to positively engaging in wildlife, ethical community, and environmental initiatives. While donated products or services and monetary donations can have an incredible impact on a worthy cause, corporate volunteer programs also turn out to be far more beneficial to your company and its employees in the long run. 

Here are four benefits your company might begin to see after establishing an effective corporate volunteering program.

#1. Increased Employee Engagement

The more you encourage your employees to volunteer, the more engaged they become in their work. This includes employees with higher morale, employee satisfaction, and greater productivity. In the long run, this means more profitability in your organization since your employees will be more satisfied and productive. Tim Mohin, in a Forbes article, claimed that more engaged workers make for more profits and that companies with very engaged workers have three times the operating margin. Additionally, they have four times the incomes per share compared to companies with minimal engagement. 

#2. Recruitment of Talented Young Employees

Hiring and attracting the best talent in the industry is the ambition of every organization. Corporate volunteer programs could help in this domain by enhancing the attraction of your organization for prospective employees. This is mainly the case for the millennial generation, who are part of the overly committed generation to better transform the world. 

Having a corporate volunteer program might thus aid your organization in attracting and retaining these socially conscious and highly skilled young employees as they want to work with organizations that share their values. 

#3. Employee Personal and Skill Development

Implementing volunteer programs may be a practical way to help your workers develop their skills, which is beneficial to their job performance. Additionally, it helps them develop communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills while learning to become a team player. Volunteering allows them to work with new teams and different resources, stimulate their creativity, and open their eyes to new perspectives. 

#4. Improved Employee Retention

Having a workplace that enables your employees to find pride in their work and the company helps keep them. Your company can have a sizable reduction in the number of resigning workers when you increase their engagement through corporate volunteering programs, among others. Eventually, this serves as an advantage to your organization by helping you save costs associated with replacing a worker. 

How to Measure Your Teams Impact Through a Volunteer Management Solution 

Measuring and making strategic decisions on the basis of corporate volunteer impact can help you have a clear understanding of what and where needs to be adjusted. Here are three volunteer impact outcomes you could track to determine how well you are doing:

  • Volunteer Impact On the Program Goals

Position your volunteers as a catalyst that brings about the program's result and then track the outcome. Volunteer hours, retention, and satisfaction rates might tell you whether you have an engaged team, but the program outcome tells you whether the goals are well achieved. 

  • Volunteer Utilization and Capacity

Determining the capacity of your workforce helps to track volunteer hours as well as provide more information. A Volunteer Management Solution can help you establish the total number of volunteer shifts and roles available when operating at a full capacity and then track what percentage of these shifts and roles are filled. This serves as a proxy to show whether you are staffed adequately to meet your goals. 

  • Direct Volunteer Impact

Another way to track the impact of corporate volunteering is by checking the work or effect your services directly have on the beneficiaries' lives. This could be an improvement in state-of-mind, economic benefit, or access to additional services. It can be done through direct observation or surveys.

Ready to Set Up Your Corporate Volunteer Program for Success?

At InitLive, we can help you to achieve your goals effectively. Equipping your employees with our suitable volunteer management software empowers them with two-way communications, reminders, shift confirmations, and updates. Our Volunteer Management Solution can also quickly and efficiently collect and analyze volunteer information, making it easier for your organization to ascertain your volunteers' impact on the surrounding community.

Contact us today, and we will delightedly help you organize and communicate with your volunteers in real-time while supporting them in doing their best work.