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Dec 18, 2019 3:45:00 PM by InitLive

4 Factors In Effective Volunteer Coordination

Volunteer/Staff Recruitment

Coordinating your volunteers doesn't have to be like herding cats—there's a better way! If you want to be an effective volunteer coordinator (and you do, both for the sake of your job and your sanity), there are a few skills and characteristics you'll want to develop:


This is where it all starts. Your volunteers can't read your mind, and you can't read theirs. You need to be able to reach them immediately and get feedback when required, both leading up to and during the event. Providing your volunteers with a way to contact your ( like the InitLive Mobile app) will ensure your volunteers feel empowered to ask questions as things change throughout the day. 

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In the world of event planning, things change quickly, as you well know. Sometimes that's because of vendors or weather conditions, and sometimes it's because of the volunteers themselves. They might show up wearing the wrong clothing or not show up at all! Communication (see above!) can clear up some of that, but you still need to be ready to adapt with the circumstances, regardless of what you had planned. Staying on top of changing conditions and having the tools required to take actions as required is key to remaining adaptable. 

Careful Scheduling

It's pretty bad when two people show up for the same shift and look to you for answers about why that happened—and who gets inconvenienced by having to go home and come back later. It's worse when you know it's all your fault because of your scheduling error. Filling the schedule with the right people at the right time is a matter of proper organization: knowing who's available and when.


Speaking of organization, it's the word we can use to sum the rest of this up. Being organized brings it all together: knowing your volunteers and what they're capable of, knowing how to contact them quickly, and having the resources on hand to deal with any unforeseen situations.

Does that seem overwhelming? It shouldn't. You don't need to do an in-depth personal growth and development study to achieve all this. InitLive can help. From recruitment and scheduling to real-time communication, you have all your resources in one volunteer management tool. It's a one-stop shop to becoming an effective volunteer coordinator.