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Jul 4, 2019 11:46:00 AM by InitLive

4 Risks of Using Spreadsheets to Store Your Volunteer Data

Volunteer Management, Event Safety

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Using a spreadsheet software program can serve its purpose in some capacities, but managing and storing your volunteer data is not one of them! Below we'll discuss the inherent risks of using spreadsheets to store your volunteer data. 

1. Duplicate copies

If you have more than one person accessing your volunteer database - and most likely you do - then it's far too easy for multiple copies to be updated and saved. At best, this leads to files with complicated names such as database_v12_NEW, and at worst, creates confusion and chaos among your team. And there's always someone (we all know who that is), that saves the file on their desktop instead of the server, so you are never working in the most current version. 

2. Accidental Deletion or File Corruption

Files created in desktop applications are easily deleted and hard to recover. Team members may accidentally delete a file thinking there is a newer version out there, only to find out the hard truth later on. And there's always a chance that your computer hardware or software mysteriously decides to crash, completely corrupting the file and erasing all of the hard-earned data. 

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3. Can Only Access Via Desktop

Spreadsheet software programs are primarily designed to be accessed on a desktop computer or laptop (as opposed to a phone or a tablet). This makes updating the database in real-time difficult if you're not sitting at your office.  

4. Limited output options

We all know that value of graphs and charts, but spreadsheet software is often limited in terms of graphic output. This can make visualizing your volunteer database more complicated and let's face it, kind of boring. Generating custom reports is usually not a feature of spreadsheets software. 

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