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Sep 16, 2019 11:46:00 AM by InitLive

4 Steps to Recruit Volunteers for a Successful Non-Profit Event

Volunteer/Staff Recruitment, Non-Profit Events

4 Steps to Recruit- Volunteers- for -a -Successful- Non-Profit- EventWhen you plan an event for a non-profit organization, having a recruitment strategy to get the best volunteers available is essential. Your volunteers are integral to your event's success, and a well-managed recruitment program helps ensure a high return on your event investments. So here are four steps to recruit volunteers for a successful non-profit event:

1.  Create detailed role descriptions. 

Many motivated volunteers are skilled and experienced, and have their favorite responsibilities in mind when they sign up. So post detailed role descriptions online that cover all aspects of the volunteer's duties. Include physical requirements for any tasks your volunteers may need to perform, like walking up to five kilometers (which occurs frequently in trash collection roles) or lifting up to 50 pounds. Also try adding to excitement with more creative role titles (like "sustainability management" versus "trash detail") so that volunteers can really take pride in their work)

Write exceptional volunteer role description with -  How to Write Volunteer Role Descriptions That Make People Want to Sign Up

2. Create shifts with the right management tool.

Choose a tool that offers an easy way to build a volunteer shift schedule. Consider adding floater shifts to help manage any gaps in teams during the event so you don't have to pull someone off of a regular shift to handle emergency cleanups or last-minute off-site errands. As a result, each team member will know their expected duties, eliminating unpleasant surprises. 

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3. Offer online registration and shift signup. 

You want your volunteers to be motivated and focused from the start. So there's no better way to empower volunteers than to give them a voice in choosing the role and shifts that are right for them. And using a tool that allows multi-level access so volunteers can contact other qualified team members to fill in for them in an emergency is a great way to address last-minute scheduling changes and reduce no-shows. 

4. Promote online registration.

Finally, run an incentive campaign on social media and email using existing contacts in order to drastically increase your volunteer team with stellar recruits. Be sure to offer meaningful incentives when an existing volunteer recruits friends and family, such as a chance to win a trip to a key location or event, or a sought-after prize like an iPhone or tablet. You can also tailor the role you're seeking to fill so that it's skill-specific. That way, you'll attract lots of experienced recruits who are ready to make your next event a smashing success.

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