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Jul 30, 2019 4:50:00 PM by InitLive

4 Ways to Promote Your Conference Event on LinkedIn

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In 2019,  LinkedIn has 630 million users, with 303 million monthly active users. In the USA alone, there are 177 million LinkedIn users. When it comes to channel B2B marketing, LinkedIn is the number 1 platform for content distribution. Now, of the 630 million users, only 3 million share their content weekly.

When it comes to promoting your conference events, LinkedIn is the best place to market because it comprises of users who are using the platform in professional and networking capacity, making users the perfect audience for corporate, educational, government or industry-specific conferences. This fact means that they have the capacity to spend their budget resources on events like yours. Let us look at four ways you can use LinkedIn for event promotion.

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Promoting on LinkedIn Groups

As an active member of a LinkedIn group that is related to your event, share a post with members of the group to get the attention of the dynamic professionals. Remember to customize the message to the group and ensure that you have considered the rules of the group when creating and sending your post.

If you cannot find a group in your niche, you can form one for the event where you invite speakers and people to join. This step helps the attendees to network before the event, and to provide an opportunity where potential attendees can see the people who have signed in to attend.

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Direct Messaging

Use your network to attract people to your event. Ask your connection in LinkedIn to promote your event through direct messaging and use polite language when creating a personalized message. It is even easier to promote your event if you have a premium account because paid InMail is sent to people you are connected to, and those you are not. You also have the chance of sending a direct message to your first-tier of connections (up to 50 connections). You only need to ensure that the event is relevant to them. If you are targeting specific people to attend your event (particularly those who will bring their friends), send your message to them.

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LinkedIn Ads for events

Status updates and LinkedIn posts can be sponsored, which allows you to place them across to anyone with a particular job title in a location or job industry. To do this, use text ads or sponsored content. The sponsored ads will appear in the homepage feed of your target audience on both mobile and desktop.

Harness the Network of Your Speakers and Partners

If your speakers and partners have networks, you can ask them to share the post with their network on LinkedIn. This approach works well if you have a speaker who has the "influencer" designation offered by LinkedIn; their posts reach everyone on the network.

Reaching your target audience is essential to a great attendee experience, but so is ensuring the conference runs smoothly. There's no reason to let the promotion of your event hang only on your shoulders. Delegate that too by leveraging your volunteers and by using their excitement to promote your event. 

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