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Oct 1, 2019 5:03:00 PM by InitLive

5 Tips For Better Entry Management At Festival Events

Event Safety, Festival Management

5 Tips For Better Entry Management At Festival EventsThe entry is the first impression participants get when they arrive at an festival. A seamless and streamlined entry can be the difference between a good first impression and a negative one. First impressions are very important because they are built upon. A good first impression leads to a happy participant and great positive feedback. Here are a few tips to help streamline your entry and give a great first impression.

Improve Security

People want to be safe. If they feel that security is lacking and there is a chance they could be harmed, they are likely to feel uncomfortable at the event. Spare a few extra volunteers to help improve security at the entry point. Seeing a few extra people wearing a "security" shirt eases the participant's mind and allows them to fully enjoy and experience your event.

Introduce Entry Rules Beforehand

Introducing participants to the rules beforehand is a great way to increase the flow of traffic. If they know what to do even before they arrive, the transition inside will be smoother. Aspects like knowing where the entry point is and that their ticket is required to be shown to minimize crowding and congestion. Make sure to include about what attendees are allowed to bring like back packs are lawn chairs and what is prohibited. This will reduce an conflicts at the entrance gates for staff and volunteers. Share this important information with your attendees through email and all your social media channels when they purchase their tickets and a day or two before opening day.

Bonus - Have a few volunteers on stand by to answer any question people might have leading up to the event. 

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Encourage Early Arrival

If everyone tries to get in at 5, the entry points will easily become overcrowded. This can be managed by offering activities long before the main attractions or headliners to encourage earlier arrivals and stagger the arrival times. 

Know Your Estimated Crowd Size

Understanding your estimated crowd size is essential to managing a safe festival event. If you are having a huge event with thousands of participants, then it would be better to have multiple entry points. Multiple entry points minimize crowding at one entry point and increase entry efficiency.  

Train Your Event Staff and Volunteers 

Unexpected problems arise often in event management. Knowing the most common problems and how to solve them will help prevent the entry line from backing up. Educating your entrance team on what to look out for and how to properly manage tense issues or security risks will ensure that  your gates will run smoothly.  

Make sure you have an emergency evacuation plan and that plan is communicated clearly to all volunteer and event staff teams. When a weather event rolls in or another emergency arise you need to ensure attendee can leave safely. 

With the help of these tips, you'll be sure to have smooth  festival entry and make a great first impression on your participants. For more tips and tricks on event planning and management, contact us, today. InitLive is the best event management tool available and can help make your next event a great success!

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