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Aug 29, 2019 4:39:00 PM by InitLive

5 Tips For Promoting Your Fandom Convention

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This year was San Diego Comic-Con's 50th annual event and brought in an estimated 135,000 attendees. As the most popular fandom convention, that growth may seem like an impossible scenario, but it's not alone. Each year, fandom conventions become more and more popular and they are popping up in towns around the world. How do you promote an event like that? Here are a few tips.

1. Online

Ensure your convention is easy to find online when someone type " Conventions near me" is important when optimizing your local SEO is essential when promoting your event. When creating your SEO strategy consider what words will be using when looking for your event and how to include those words in your website and blog content. 

 Once you have optimized your website its time to think about social media. Today, social media advertising and ad targeting are huge promotional strategies that you should definitely utilize to promote your fandom convention. Most urban event-goers do the majority of their planning online so ads on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and Reddit are sure to get noticed. Make your your event has a presence on the social media or forums where your target audience spends their time on. 

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2. Event Distribution

Once you figure out where fans are spending time online, make tickets available right there. The world is in a stage of instant gratification – utilize that. If you make a Facebook Event for your convention, make tickets available right there too. You'll sell more tickets that way than if attendees have to redirect to another site.

3. Make Purchasing Easy

Yes this one is a no brainier but its worth mentioning the importance of easy ticket purchasing. When looking at ticketing solution look out for options like coupon codes  which open up even more promotional opportunities. Another ticketing promotion to consider is a invite a friend and receive 15% off your ticket. These options help turn you attendee's into promoters of your event. 

4. Promote Your Swag

People attend fandom conventions to have a good time and to buy swag related to their favorite things. Shopping is a huge motivation for fans to attend events. Promote whatever you're selling at your convention in your ads and it'll be sure to catch people's eyes.

5. Utilize Your Volunteers

Big events like conventions can't thrive without a top-notch group of volunteers to help run the show. Give your volunteers perks like early access to events or free passes to attend panels, then encourage them to share their experiences with their friends on social media. Volunteers are passionate people and can bring in a huge crowd by sharing photos and stories about the convention with their friends and family.

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For more information about promoting your fandom convention and how to make your team one of the best, visit our website. Your event will run smoothly in no time!