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Feb 10, 2016 9:30:00 AM by InitLive

5 Tips on Event Staff Scheduling

Volunteer/Staff Recruitment

Schedule Your Event Team
The not-so-fun event jobs are the ones that usually get left to the last minute. Scheduling staff and volunteers is a task that many event planners procrastinate on. However, to do it successfully, it needs to be planned out well ahead of time. We've prepared 5 tips to help you stop procrastinating and start scheduling!

  1. Recruit early

    Not having enough volunteers, or having a high percentage not show up can cause many headaches on event day. Starting the recruitment process earlier can give your staff a chance to back out, and give you an opportunity to recruit more people. 

  2. Stay in contact
    Keep in touch weekly with all your volunteers, right up to their first shift. It is important to remind your volunteers that you have not forgotten about their commitment. Once the day starts, send out messages to keep them informed and to encourage them to do a good job.

  3. Connect!

    Take advantage of using multiple social media platforms to recruit your volunteers. Ask current volunteers to recommend others, bring a friend or even share your posts on social.

  4. It’s all in the details
    Be clear with your details! The more details you give your team, the better understanding they will have on event day. Details can include special instructions, job descriptions and location details.

  5. Let them pick
    If possible, give your team a say in what job they do.  Find out where their interests are and what qualifications they have. Based on that, let them pick their role!

    Quick tip: If you let your staff choose their shifts, there will be less work for you to do! No need to sort through their availability.


The earlier you start your event staff scheduling, the more organized you will be, and the happier and less stressed you will be on event day.

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