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Dec 30, 2019 11:15:00 AM by InitLive

5 Ways That Volunteers Directly Impact the Quality of Your Event

Volunteer Management

5 Ways That Volunteers Directly Impact the Quality of Your EventUsing volunteers for an event may have been a luxury in the past, but today it's essential. Not only do companies look to volunteers to save time and money on staff resources, but volunteer staff also play an integral part of the event's success. Here's a list of 5 ways in which volunteers directly impact the quality of your event. 

They're your runners.

Your volunteers are the lifesavers who make the last-minute Walmart runs for supplies or who run courtesy errands for your VIPs. So you need to give and receive communications in real time, keeping track of their off-site movements.

They're your floaters.

With the right event communication system, you direct your floaters to any aspect of the event. While these super-responsive volunteers possess an awareness for details and are cross-trained to handle a number of roles, you remain free to coordinate the entire event. 

They're your maintenance and technical team.

You may also need to assign volunteers to more specialized roles such as setting up outdoor lighting, or handling IT, music, audio-visual, or multimedia. It's helpful to have both online and face-to-face training for these more technical roles.

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They're your setup and breakdown crews. 

You need reliable, informed volunteer team members to set up beforehand or come in later during the event for breakdown. Both tasks may  involve heavy lifting and other types of physical labor, so your crews must be up to date on safety and emergency procedures. Also, keep both crews informed of any event changes which impact their work processes.

They're your brand ambassadors.

 Lastly, your volunteers are on the front line. They're your ushers, parking attendants, information desk monitors, and registration assistants. They wear your swag, your uniforms, and your logo. And they convey the very values that your organization represents. 

So use InitLive as your all-in-one event planning, recruitment , schedule, and communication tool. In addition, you can provide your staff and volunteers with multi-level access to any online event documents such as schedules, training information, online registration, and much more. With InitLive, you can ensure that your hardworking volunteers are motivated and eager to make your event a success.


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