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Jul 2, 2019 11:54:00 AM by InitLive

5 Ways Volunteers Have a Direct Impact on Your Event's Reputation

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You plan for months for the big day. But the real payoff comes afterwards, when your event receives rave reviews, word of your successful event spreads, and everyone looks forward to next year. But whether or not your event gets a positive reputation depends on your volunteers. If you have any doubts, here are five ways volunteers have a direct impact on your event's reputation: 

1. Volunteers are the face of your event. 

Your volunteers are on the front lines working as ushers, parking attendants, and registration assistants. And in less organized events, they're also  the least informed and the most under-trained. So be sure your volunteers know about the basics, from the nearest bathrooms to the closest exits. In short, make sure all volunteers know how to answer general questions which attendees might ask.

2. Your volunteers address the details.

When you're busy tending to VIP attendees, your volunteers handle the essential routine which keeps the event going,

like tending to the crowds or keeping the premises clean. While you keep an eye on the entire event, your volunteers give a lasting impression based on how they handle the details.

3. Volunteers provide instant exposure on social media.

Your volunteers are looking for experience to share on social media with their friends while they are engaged, having fun, and making a real difference. Take plenty of pictures of your volunteers' shining moments which they'll post on all the relevant social media channels. 

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4. Volunteers refer their friends to work with you.

 If your top-performing volunteer has a fantastic experience working at your event, they'll tell their friends. So instead of one stellar team member with the desire to succeed, you could end up attracting two or more superb volunteers with similar goals. On the other hand, an event which appears disorganized and leaves capable event staff standing around will keep the best volunteer workers looking elsewhere to donate their time.

5.  Your volunteers are your brand ambassadors.

The volunteers that are truly motivated and highly engaged will work your event into their lives. Not only will they mark their calendars early and wear your logo year-round, but they'll tell everyone how your event and any products or services connected with it can improve their lives as well.

Make your volunteers brand ambassadors with InitLive's all-in-one volunteer training and management tool. For more information on how InitLive can help your volunteers make a positive and powerful impact on your event's reputation, please contact us.

For more information on organizing successful events through exceptional volunteer management, check out our resource page!   

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