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Mar 29, 2017 9:04:00 AM by InitLive

6 Steps to Producing a Powerful Event Brand

Event Design


Event branding can be tricky. You want to tie together your event and your organization, adhering to the overall branding standards you've created for your company. At the same time, you want to have the flexibility to make your event fun and worth attending. Here's how to create a powerful brand for your event, without disregarding your organization's branding.

1. Establish the goal for your event.

An easy-to-understand goal for the event you're putting on is the cornerstone of all your branding efforts. Your goal will help you make decisions about your brand as you move through the event planning process.

While you can have secondary goals for an event, take the time to really boil down your primary objective. Make this goal specific and measurable so you can consistently check to see if your event decisions reinforce the goal.

2. Brainstorm a catchy name.

What's in a name? A lot, when it comes to branding. Something that is clever and easy to remember will stick in the minds of your target audience and help you connect your organization and your event.

While naming an event isn't as vital as coming up with a name for an organization, some of the same rules apply.

Tie in your mission or your main product or service. Use powerful words that describe what you're doing. Make sure it won't get confused with another, similar type of event.
To come up with ideas, talk to your colleagues and spend some time doing research. Utilize a Pinterest board to organize your thoughts and ideas. Take your time in coming up with the right name.

3. Create an event logo and colors.

A separate event logo that contains some visual connection to your business identity can go even further toward helping potential attendees understand the brand. Colors and typeface used in your logo and visual identity should be used on all your event resources, including banners and signs, folders, badges, lanyards and decorations.

If the idea of designing an event logo overwhelms you even a little bit, be sure to check out this blog post, How to Create Awesome Event Graphics Without Photoshop. You'll learn about some great time-saving design tools that work well for both beginners and pros.

For more on event planning, check out our Event Planning 101 Guide

4. Define your event's brand identity in writing.

Don't underestimate the power of writing down your brand identity for the event. Keep it short and sweet -- no need for multiple pages -- but note how you want your event to be perceived by your target audience.

True brand identity includes a summary of the colors, logo and appropriate usage and other visual components that you'll be employing as you plan and market your event. Be sure to put this information in writing as part of your event brand document, although the focus should be how you want others to view your organization and event.

5. Reinforce your event theme in all your marketing materials.

It's easy enough to slap your event logo on all your materials, but go further than that. The work you've done to create a name and a goal should have helped you understand the main message you want your audience to get. All your marketing materials, including website and advertising, should have messaging that reinforces the theme of your event.

6. Engage via social media.

Find creative ways to engage with your target audience via social media. Use the social media tools that your target audience does, and create a content plan for sharing posts and information. Start using a hashtag that is either your event name or a clever take on the name and goal. Encourage attendees to say they'll be there.

Don't forget to "cover" the event on social media. Consider a photo booth on event day that will showcase the fun for those who may attend in the future.

By following these steps, you'll be able to create a branding strategy for your event that helps you make important event planning decisions and get your message in front of the right people.

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