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Aug 17, 2018 9:17:00 AM by InitLive

6 Ways to Make Event Check-in Convenient for Your Volunteers

Volunteer Management

First impressions for any event are important, especially when it comes to onboarding volunteers. The first time volunteers step onto your event site, you'll want to make it as easy as possible for them to check in, find out where they need to go, and become a fully-engaged part of your event team. Here are six ways to make event check-in convenient for your volunteers:

1. Start communications at the pre-event stage

Weeks before the event starts, send all volunteer staff an email with check-in instructions. Be sure to include a link to your volunteer management app, and provide information on how the event will be organized. Important items to include are: Volunteer roles, duties, chain of command, schedules, maps, parking instructions, and safety tips. This pre-event guidance saves you the trouble of explaining essential information over and over again on event day.

2. Conduct training sessions

Provide tutorials of how your volunteer management / check-in program works, including performing and undergoing check-in procedures. That way, your administrative staff will be ready to check-in your volunteers when they arrive on the scene -- and your volunteers will already be briefed on what to expect. 

3. Have your staff perform administrative check-ins

Use event technology that allows you to efficiently check volunteers in via a mobile app. Start by assigning check-in administrators to greet volunteers as they arrive. Your volunteers will feel like they know exactly where they're going, and they'll get the impression that your event is organized and well-planned.

4. Allow your volunteers the option of self check-ins

Be sure to use event check-in software that can be configured to let volunteers check themselves in. First of all, you'll give your independent, tech-savvy volunteers a sense of autonomy. And second, this option can be very helpful when you're dealing with multiple venues and are unable to place check-in administrators at every location. 

5. Receive real-time updates

Use an app that provides real-time updates which report on how many volunteers have checked-in. Use this information to address shifts with no-show volunteers so that you can make last-minute schedule changes. Not only is it convenient for your volunteers who have checked themselves in, but it's a huge help for your busy line managers who need to keep track of who's working their shifts.

6. Take advantage of automatic time-tracking

Do away with manual punch-ins, sign-ins and sign-outs, and other time-consuming methods of tracking volunteer hours. Instead, use an app that automatically creates time stamps as volunteers check in and out. By keeping a record of all hours each team member has worked, automatic time-tracking saves you and your managers the work of reviewing and recording details manually.

With InitLive, event planners perform volunteer check-in and all other administrative tasks with one easy-to-use device. Our InitLive event planning tool provides smooth scheduling and seamless communication, paving the way for a highly successful and memorable event.

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