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Nov 7, 2019 5:15:00 PM by InitLive

7 Safety and Security Considerations While Scaling Up Your Festival

Festivals, Festival Management

7 Safety and Security Considerations While Scaling Up Your FestivalWhen planning for a festival, one of the foremost things to consider is how to make your event safe and secure. It is imperative that the attendees do not face any trouble while enjoying a festival. Additionally, as an organizer, you must also be prepared for emergencies that can pose a threat if not handled timely.

According to a poll, about 90% of event organizers believe that more priority can be given to security concerns in the events industry. As an organizer, you can stay ahead of the curve by taking into consideration the following safety tips; especially if you are scaling up your event. Read on to know more.

1. Establish the Venue Perimeter 

The venue must be properly demarcated to ensure safety. The perimeter can either be mechanical (wire fencing, barriers, etc.) or physical like security personnel posted at certain points. As the event gets bigger, the idea is to monitor closely who gets to come in and who stays out.

2. Specify Points of Exit/Evacuation

Creating an exit strategy is paramount to most safety procedures. Have your exits clearly marked and provide your team of volunteers with specific instructions on what must be done in case of an evacuation. Getting people out of the venue safely can become necessary at times.

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3. Designated Areas for Women

Dedicating a specific area to the female attendees will give them a sense of protection in case things turn rowdy. This is something that you must consider doing if your event is growing bigger in terms of attendees.

4. Scaling Up and Training Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeline of an event. With an increase in the number of attendees, it is crucial that you make arrangements for enlisting the help of more volunteers for the event to operate smoothly. The new volunteers should also be appropriately trained. A good practice is to keep a backup team of volunteers ready in case of emergencies.

5. Medical Emergencies

Have a medical emergency handling team on standby for your festival. It is very common for audience members to fall ill and in such an unfortunate situation, you will need to arrange for immediate help. 

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6. Constant Communication

During a large event, the organizing team and the volunteers must be constantly communicating with each other. This way, if there is any trouble or security concern brewing anywhere, the appropriate people can be notified immediately. InitLive's Event day app offers real-time communication between staff and volunteers. 

7. Create A Hotline/Helpdesk

For an event with a relatively large number of attendees, creating a hotline or setting up a helpdesk is a very good practice. That way, if anyone needs help, they can approach you directly. 

Safety and security considerations are essential in planning and organizing any event. However, they become especially necessary when your event is scaling up. Following the above-mentioned steps can help you manage your festival effectively while the audience has a good time.