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Feb 23, 2017 9:04:00 AM by InitLive

Best Practices for Live Event Staff Management

Volunteer Management


Getting ready for your next live event? The bigger the event, the more volunteers you may need, and that calls for additional volunteer management. Here are some best practices for live event staff management that will make your event run smoothly:

1. Give clear expectations to your volunteer team ahead of time.
Let them know the dress code, when to arrive, and where to check in. Do you want your event staff wearing white shirts and black pants, or golf shirts and khakis? Are jeans allowed? And if you need volunteers to arrive fifteen minutes ahead of time, for example, a regular staff member should be there to give them something to do before the event kicks off. Lastly, make sure you have all of this information available online beforehand.

2. Clearly communicate your event brand to your team. 
Do you want to present a casual, laid back image, or something more polished and formal? Provide online communications with interesting articles that convey your brand's identity. Present concrete examples on how your team emulates that image. Depending upon the event, for example, you may want a standard, formal greeting for visitors, versus the more casual "Hi, how's it going?"

3. Use a volunteer management tool that allows you to communicate over large areas (including outdoor spaces) and adapt easily to changes. Make sure both your regular and volunteer staff know how to access information on the tool. Schedule trainings that allow you or a regular staff member to train your volunteers on the tool, and be sure to post online instructions and a help list. 

4. Stick to your timetable.
Attendees appreciate it when they can rely on the event schedule. Make sure all of your event staff have access to the most up-to-date schedule at all times. An online, and consistently up-to-date, schedule is essential for these purposes.

5. Provide a private room where you and your staff can temporarily get away to catch a breath and recharge.
And don't assume all your volunteers know where that room is. It's helpful to provide an online map that highlights the break room and other key areas of the event location. Also, have plenty of fresh water and some inexpensive, yet nutritious snacks, on hand for staff to enjoy in the break room - particularly if the event is housed outside.

6. Schedule extra staff. 
You never know when you may need an extra set of hands. Assign volunteer staff to serve as support for regular employees, and cross-train them to work in other areas in case someone gets sick or doesn't show up. In scheduling extra volunteers, make sure that everyone is engaged in the event. You don't want those extra volunteers you scheduled standing around feeling useless, only to disappear when you need them most.

7. Lastly, keep all your important event documents in one place. 
Back up all print documents digitally and have them available online for the appropriate individuals to access. And use an volunteer management tool that stores all your documents, combines all the functions you need into one platform, and allows multi-level access to your documents. InitLive's mobile app makes this super easy. The simpler your life is around event time, the more you and your staff can enjoy the flow and excitement of the event.

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