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Mar 6, 2020 12:15:00 PM by InitLive

Complete Guide to Student Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer/Staff Recruitment, Non-Profit Events

Complete Guide to Student Volunteer Recruitment

If your organization hasn't reached out to local colleges and universities to recruit volunteers, you're missing out. College students are always looking for experience and networking opportunities, racking up millions of hours of volunteer work each year in the US alone. Below, you'll find our Complete Guide College to Student Volunteer Recruitment. 

1. Contact academic departments. 

If you have a local university or community college in your area, contact academic departments that offer programs in fields related to your organization's mission. If you're are a human services agency that serves the local Spanish-speaking community, you'll find students in counseling, psychology, social work, education, and foreign languages who are eager to develop their skills in a real-world situation. Many of these departments also require some form of service in the form of volunteerism, community service, or service learning, so you won't necessarily have to build a volunteer infrastructure from scratch.

2. Research the service missions of your university's fraternities, sororities, and clubs.

Campus clubs, sororities, and fraternities are known for their community service. Sororities and fraternities, for instance, frequently have a long tradition of community service, and they may obligate their members to adopt a platform and take part in volunteerism. You'll be able to target organizations that have a particular interest in your industry or brand of service. 

3. Get your volunteers involved in social media campaigns.

Your college-age volunteers are consistently tuned in to social media, and will be delighted to use their interests, passions, and skills. Have them establish a YouTube channel with entertaining videos showcasing your brand. You can also ask them to take pictures of their teammates' shining moments at events for social media posting. Encourage them to start a blog on your website, detailing what it's like to volunteer in your program. 

4. Provide rewards, incentives, and freebies.

Volunteers always appreciate freebies, so when you contact local companies to serve as sponsors for your program, ask if they're interested in donating swag like tee-shirts, uniforms, and other wearables. It's also a good idea to run a contest to motivate your volunteers to perform the best they can, recognizing everyone later for their efforts at a special luncheon or ceremony.

A final word on volunteer recruitment 

Keep track of your recruitment and incentive plans for your college and university volunteers by using an all-in-one event management tool InitLive. Store both you're inter- and intra-organizational communications in one place, and train your tech-savvy volunteers to use InitLive when they promote your event online.

InitLive offers real-time communication, multi-level access, flexible self-registration and scheduling, and much more. For more information on how you can use InitLive to devise an awesome volunteer recruitment campaigns, please contact us

Once you have all you students recruited you'll need to start your management plan.  Here is 5 Tips For Managing College Student Volunteers to get you started. 

Are you ready to take your student volunteer program to the next level by streamlining your management process and empowering your volunteers?  Then make sure to download our free guide by clicking below!

A Guide to Creating an Exceptional Student Volunteer Program at Your University or College

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