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Jun 24, 2020 11:45:00 AM by InitLive

COVID-19 Resources To Help You Plan Future Events and Mass Gatherings

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copy-of-blog-images-vol_optimized.-12---2020-06-24t083147.69COVID-19 Resources To Help You Plan Future Events and Mass Gatherings

Live events all around the world came abruptly to a standstill during the COVID-19 health crisis, with travel and mass gatherings shut down the live events industry took a large hit. After months of being on pause, now is the time to pick up the pieces and start working together to get back to work and plan for the future of live events.

The world health organization and many other national health authorities have issued Mass gatherings and live events COVID-19 recommendations and guidelines. The Live events industry isn’t dead, mass events will return to communities in the future. There is still a real public appreciation for events as longs as the public feels informed and safe.

As you start your planning process, it is imperative that you open a communication channel with your regional and national authorities to ensure you compile with health and safety protocols every step of the way. We have compiled several resources to help you start thinking about and planning for your future events.

Health and Safety Resources For Events

Here is a list of resources from various health authorities around the world to help you start assessing what measures you need to plan for your future events. 

The World Health Organization

National Foundation For Infectious Control

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

Industry Resources For Event Planning

While following health authorizes recommendations are essential, so is looking to event industry partners for some guidance on how to implement the recommendations and what steps to take in the road to recovery. Here a list of helpful articles to help you start getting back to work and event planning.



Major Events International


Event Industry Council

  • COVID-19 resources

Don’t let all the information available overwhelm you. There is still a real public desire from communities around the world to have mass events return. To foster that public appetite, it is essential to establish a high level of trust with the Community. One way to develop that trust is by investing in the resources and technology required to equip staff with everything they need to maintain health and safety protocols.

Event staff management solutions like InitLive offer event producers an all-in-one solution to help maintain and enforce the above recommendations. For more information on how InitLive can help you set up your future event for success, please contact sales@initlive.com or click the button below to watch our demo videos.

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