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Oct 11, 2017 9:06:00 AM by InitLive

Efficient "day of" communication with event staff and volunteers

Volunteer Management

When the success of your event depends on staffing committed and reliable individuals, effective "day of" communication with event staff is absolutely critical. In this industry so much can change day-to-day, and event planners need an efficient way of keeping people in the loop. 

A volunteer management app can help organizers effortlessly send necessary alerts. InitLive, for example, automatically sends scheduling updates to staff when changes are made.

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But why is this important? Here are 4 crucial moments when communication can really be make-or-break for an event:

1) Staff schedule changes 
As organizers know well, anything that happens on event day can affect the schedule. From bad weather to late performers, plans must adapt and changes occur. And of course staff need to know about it! With InitLive, event organizers can make schedule changes via the mobile app and all applicable staff and volunteers are automatically notified.

2) Safety: Injuries happen. Sadly, we know too well that disaster can strike, putting entire events at risk. Emergencies and unsafe conditions require organizers to communicate information with staff quickly to activate a rapid response. Likewise, it's important that staff and volunteers be able to notify their supervisors and event managers of suspicious behavior or other event safety alerts.

3) Reminders: We're all human. As a volunteer, it is easy to forget where you need to be and when, especially when there's so much going on. Automatic reminders for volunteers on site are a great way to keep everyone organized and on track - and provide that extra nudge to anyone who might not know how important their role is.

4) No-shows: As the organizer, knowing who's on site and who isn't can help you plan ahead for no-shows and avoid the last-minute scramble. Enabling staff and volunteers to check-in when they arrive - either at a booth or via a mobile app (like InitLive) - communicates to the managers which shifts are filled and which need to be covered last-minute.

Showing up to work at a disorganized event is so demotivating - and unfortunately poor communication can make even the most organized event planner seem like a mess. Effective use of technology can help organizers keep staff in the loop and avoid planning pitfalls that lead to scrambling.

Volunteer Engagement and Communications Guide

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