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Dec 10, 2019 4:00:00 PM by InitLive

Event Activation- What is It And Why You Should Do It?

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One of the most important aspects of a successful event is the marketing strategy involved. Event Activation is the latest and highly effective way to create a positive and long-lasting impact on your event attendees through marketing and brand promotion. Not sure about how Event Activation works? Read on to learn more about this modern and experiential approach to marketing and how it can be beneficial for your audience and sponsors.

What Is Event Activation?

It all comes to do to that critical moment when an attendee takes action in promoting your event, a sponsor, or even an experience. It's up to you to try and make that happen through and event activation strategy. As your start learn, remember its all about creating that WOW moment to inspire your audience to participate.

Nearly every city has a large city sign in popular tourist spots for people to take pictures. This is a simple example of activation marketing. It promotes tourism to the participant's social network. Now you're probably thinking okay, can this type of marketing help me promote my event?  

How Can Event Activation Help You?

As an event manager or organizer, the onus lies on you to create a unique event that will be enjoyed by the attendees. In this era of social media and constant digital connectivity, it is becoming increasingly hard to grab the attention of people. Event Activation gives you that extra 'Wow' factor. Your attendees will come out of the room, impressed, and engaged. They will talk about what they experienced among themselves, to others, and over social media channels. Surely, that is a good outcome for any event organizer.

As for your sponsors, they will see the value that you generate through successful Event Activation. Be it marketing a new service or rebranding an existing product; sponsors want to see the impact at the end of any endeavor, and Event Activation will help you achieve that.

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Examples Of Event Activation

Some examples of successful Event Activation are as follows-

  • In an event in IMEX- Frankfurt, Germany, the audience gave ideas while floating mid-air on chairs suspended about 50 feet from the ground. Undeniably an elevating experience.
  • Create a surreal experience for your audience through the use of Virtual Reality technology.
  • Molecular gastronomy is the science of food and beverages and is an often-used experience for impressing the attendees of events. Having a food station with a chef doing wonders with the food is sure to draw the crowds in.
  • An interactive and personalized photo booth is another fun way to incorporate something special in your events. Create 3D overlays, stop-motion capture videos, personalized GIFs, etc. and upload them to the event's social media channels with the curated hashtag.  

Creating Activation Moments At Your Event 

Now its time for you to start thinking about what makes your event different from your competitors. That unique sale differentiator is what you will want to focus on promoting through an interactive moment . Maybe it's your rainbow hammock lounge at your indie music festival or your fantastic food vendors. Whatever it is, that's what you should try and promote. To encourage awareness and help attendee take the perfect photo to consider scheduling a dedicated team of volunteers to help people participate in your activation. That personal touch will ensure those efforts don't go unnoticed. 


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