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Feb 21, 2018 9:06:00 AM by InitLive

Event Data Best Practices When Managing Staff & Volunteers 

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Whether you organize small or large events, today's event planning industry requires that event managers have access to all sorts of data on their volunteers. But there's specific functions your volunteer management tool should have that allow you to access information quickly and make important changes at any time. When choosing a tool that will manage your event data efficiently, you'll want to make sure its functions include the following:


You'll want a tool that organizes your carefully-gathered data and allows you to filter from a specific field. Once your data is filtered, you can find what you need very quickly. For example, when data on your volunteers is filtered by roles, you can call the information up using the appropriate term: 'servers,' 'ushers,' 'parking attendant,' etc. If you want to be filtering your volunteers by qualifications, on the other hand, you can create a filter in which you call up volunteers by their specific skills -- such as 'social media management experience,' 'CPR certification,' 'law enforcement training,' and so on.


This means that your tool can either take bulk actions on all the volunteers listed in the entire database, or use filtering to narrow down the pool (such as filtering all catering volunteers). Then you select a mass action such as blasting a message to the group. This function saves you a lot of time so that you don't have to compile a list of names yourself and enter them manually into Outlook or other email systems.


The right tool needs to let you edit information quickly and easily. It will allow you to make major changes in the events structure, or smaller-scale changes such as editing the volunteer qualifications needed for a specific shift in your event schedule.


This function comes in handy when you're looking for a tool that stores volunteer information in order for you to find a specific item in the past, such as the number of volunteers who previously worked with you two or more times. 


This function allows you to protect certain data using permissions. For instance, you could program the tool to allow specific staff to have event document access, those who you appoint as event managers or supervisors. Or you could set permissions that only allow certain individuals to delete or edit information. 


It's important that your tool doesn't store duplicate data -- whether you upload large amounts of information yourself, or import data from other sources.


Lastly, this means that the tool allows you to import data from other software you've been using -- quickly and easily. For example, to save you a lot of time and a massive headache, the tool should allow you to import staff and volunteer lists that you have from previous events.

InitLive is an all-in-one staff and volunteer management software that keeps your data organized and all in one place, allowing event planners to manage staff and volunteers from the event's planning stages through to its execution. With InitLive, you'll have all the functions you need to manage an event while it occurs -- whether your volunteer count is in the dozens or the thousands.

For more event data resources, take a look at our free infographic below to learn more about how to use the data to manage your team & why it will save you time! 

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