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Event Planners Living Dangerously: "I Only Use Pen & Paper"

Posted by InitLive on Sep 13, 2017 9:06:00 AM


When you think of daredevils, you probably think of sky divers and motorcycle racers. Event planners might not fit into that category--or so you believe. However, when you meet one who insists on using nothing but pen and paper to organize his or her events, you've met one who's living life on the edge.

For some people, there's something about writing on paper that seems to make information stick. Or maybe you like to be able to spread out your notes and schedule on a table to see the big, messy picture all at once. There is nothing wrong with this - in fact, can be a fantastic way to let the creative juices flow. However, when you're only using pen & paper to organize instead of exploring digital tools out there, it's risky business. Here's why...

Paper is Easily Lost or Damaged

One spilled cup of coffee or a brain lapse that makes you leave a precious folder on top of your car as you drive away can result in a disaster. You lose ideas, contact information, timelines, and possibly even someone's credit card information.

Paper Offers Limited Storage

You can only put so much information on a piece of paper. As your folder turns into a binder that turns into six binders, you'll wish you'd gone digital simply to give your arms a break. Then try sorting through all that to find one piece of info; unfortunately, your paper pile's search function is manual, not automatic.

Paper Can Only Be in One Place at One Time

Until we master teleportation, we have to make multiple copies of schedules and instructions so everyone knows what's happening when. That makes more copies to get lost or ruined, and what happens if you find a typo on the original? Have fun starting over! There's no such thing as real-time updates on paper.

Paper is Not Sustainable

There's no reason to destroy a forest so your volunteers can throw their event instructions in the trash after the big day is over. Using less paper is a simple step to help protect the environment.

You can take your event planning life off the edge and into a realm of relative comfort and security with one simple step: use a mobile event & volunteer management tool. We know that event planning will always be a little bit 007-ish; after all, a caterer could no-show at any moment. Do yourself a favor and eliminate some guesswork (and those bulky event binders) by going digital.

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