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Oct 25, 2017 9:12:00 AM by InitLive

Event Volunteers: The Information You Need to Track & Why

Volunteer Management


When it comes to your event volunteers, you need to keep track of more than just their names. Carefully tracking certain information helps your event run more smoothly, helps protect you in case of a legal issue, and encourages your volunteers to trust your leadership because they can see you're on top of your game.

Get your volunteer management tool ready. You're going to need it:

1) Waivers and Background Checks

If waivers or background checks are required for your event, you need to make sure each volunteer has them completed before the big day. Missing one or two could result in complications or even legal issues if you're faced with one of those worst-case-scenarios we're all hoping never happens. 

2) Schedule

It generally works best to let volunteers assign themselves to the shifts that work best for them; from there, you'll want to keep track of who agreed to work and when. This allows you to easily send reminders the day before or track down a no-show when you see they haven't checked-in for their shift.

3) Special Skills and Certifications

If your event requires experience, a license or certification, or a particular skill, you'll want to be able to easily find the volunteers with those qualifications. That way, if you suddenly have to move people around or fill in for a no-show volunteer, you get the right person for the job.

4) Restrictions

Maybe Sarah is allergic to dogs, or John doesn't have a driver's license. Keeping track of this information helps you avoid pairing two non-drivers on a task that requires driving, for example. 

5) Birthdays

Not only can this help you easily find the people who are permitted to serve alcohol, it's also a nice gesture to reach out to your volunteers on their birthdays, particularly if they're working with you for several events over a long period of time. A quick note lets them know you value their efforts and recognize them as individuals, not just cogs in your event machine.

There's no way you can remember all that information about all your volunteers. Take advantage of everything your volunteer management tool can do, and you'll always be able to find the info you need.

For even more examples of what kinds of information to collect from your volunteers, download our free volunteer registration form template.


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