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Aug 2, 2019 11:52:00 AM by InitLive

Four Ways to Promote Your Sporting Event Using Facebook

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Four- Ways- to- Promote- Your -Sporting -Event- Using -Facebook

So you are going to hold a sporting event?  Running, swimming, biking, climbing, baseball, football, soccer...whatever your event, chances are there are Facebook users out there who want to know about it.  Statista reports, "As of the first quarter of 2019 Facebook had over 2.38 billion monthly users worldwide." That number represents a great reason to utilize Facebook to create your promotion plan. Below are a few more:

 Create an Event Page to Generate Hype

Create an event page where people will land to learn about your event. High-quality images will immediately greet them, and all of the information they need to know about your event will be accessible:

  • Who are you? Easily link from your event page to your organization's page.
  • Where and when will it be taking place? That essential information is visible before users even click on the page; Facebook events pages post the date and time with the event listing.   
  • What is your event all about, why are you having it? Event page format ensures that folks who are interested in your event will be able to access the details near the top of your page.  
  • Gallery - beyond the essential information, Facebook provides an area for you to add images related to your event in the Gallery.


Your event will likely involve others who will help make it happen. All those individuals and organizations will likely have a Facebook page. Cross-promote the pages of vendors and sponsors you work with by linking to their page.Use the Discussion section to post about being excited to work with them. Share their page and connect with them to get a promotion for your event there.  

Facebook provides easy tools like live-streaming to help get the word out. Consider offering a live-stream at the venue before the event to show off your location. Live-stream a batting practice before your baseball tournament. Post a conversation with past or future participants, or run the course for your race and live-stream it.    

Tickets and Sign-Ups

Facebook is huge, but it is still social media.The potential for people to find your event while browsing is high. Facebook event pages provide easy access for them to purchase tickets. Providing this functionality is key; people who are interested today might not be tomorrow. Imagine all of the marathon runners out there who felt great during their last race, and are looking for their next challenge.  

Promote Volunteer Registration 

Promote your web based volunteer registration page on your Facebook page to help attract to volunteers to your event. Volunteers are the backbone of most events. Your event page not only provides a central space for volunteers to registration for your sporting event, but it also has ways for anyone interested to post in the discussion section or message you directly. People will have questions, and you will be able to easily, and publicly, answer them.  

Facebook Ads

Use Facebook Ads to create an event ad for your event. Facebook event ad functionality offers the option to set up a call to action so customers can indicate they are interested or they can get tickets. Your ad can be customized or select for various user groups. Facebook provides an engagement objective section for your ad to help you customize how to reach your target audience. 

If creating a separate ad for your event doesn't fit your needs, you can use Facebook's "boost" function to promote your event page to a wider audience.  

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