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Dec 23, 2019 4:30:00 PM by InitLive

Gen-Z: Your Attention-Getting Event Planning Guide

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Copy of Blog Images Vol. 12 (86Gen-Z: Your Attention-Getting Event Planning Guide

 Generation Z, that group of about 97 million people who arrived after millennials, are defined as those born in 1997 or later, represent a section of society that accepts digital technology early in life, lives by its rules and creates new ones that provide a fast-paced, well-connected life conducted mostly on small, handheld devices operating 24/7. Everything Gen-Z does, from their social lives, education and communication to their shopping integrates daily with their smartphones, smart watches and tablets.

But Gen-Z also understands buying beyond merely scrolling for deals; research indicates a majority of Gen-Z like hands-on shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, enjoy the personal contact and attending events. Here is a guide to attracting Gen-Z to your event. 

Advertise and update on social media

Your social media skills must meet Gen-Z expectations. They want constant updates with a lot of visual communication. Employ emojis, push notifications and texts to keep Gen-Z interested and informed. Reach your Gen-Z audience by using the same social media channels they use.

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Pictures and video are attention-grabbers

Even the best-designed advertising won't appeal to Gen-Z without photos and video. One glance tells them everything they need to know about your event, without taking time to read, and it's easier to share on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. 

Forget conference rooms: pick post-worthy places

Gen-Z wants an event within an event; plan yours in an art gallery, popular restaurant, loft, commercial warehouse, museum or purpose-built pop-up. These unique venues only last a few hours, and attract crowds for that very reason.

Try using event activation to encourage more photo sharing. Learn more about event activation by reading - Event Activation- What is It And Why You Should Do It?


No photos from the event? It never happened 

Know photos from your event go out live on social media with free Wi-Fi. Gen-Z wants to be seen and heard while having a good time and a reliable signal ensures this happens. Live-tweeting (and posting the tweets on a social media wall) encourages group participation, sharing and additional advertising for your event.

Put paper in its place; don't use it

Gen-Z places great importance on sustainability and the environment. Don't waste paper on brochures, business cards, advertising or most print media. Share information online and win the praise of socially-conscious Gen-Z attendees.

Swag is always in style

Event gift bags never lose their appeal, but make Gen-Z happy and include useful items: T-shirts, environmentally friendly health and beauty products, healthy organic snacks, reusable water bottles and gift cards to local retailers or ride sharing services.

Promoting your event: #Comeoutforacause

Events that are fun for a purpose get shares and support from Gen-Z. Pair your event with a local charity organization and raise money or sign up Gen-Z attendees for volunteer service hours. Create a hashtag that doubles as advertising for your event and the charitable cause and use it every time you post updates.