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Oct 4, 2017 9:09:00 AM by InitLive

How to Attract The Volunteers You Need

Volunteer Management

attract-event-volunteers.pngFinding volunteers for an event can be difficult, but finding the volunteers you need AND who fit the criteria necessary is a whole different ballgame. When creating a call for volunteers for any event, there are several key points to keep in mind that will attract the volunteers you need.

1) Add a Colorful Description

Spend a little extra time crafting your event's description. Make it memorable, using creative and vivid language. Volunteers will be exponentially more interested in an event that sounds fun or interesting, and this is where you can make that happen. Don't forget to include the reason for the event, what it's all about, and the date and time in this section.

2) Include Quotes

Sprinkle in some interesting or fun quotes from your head of operations or event manager. This gives the event as a whole more personality, creates a connection to your potential volunteers, and allows them to better understand who it is they'll be working with.

3) State What's Needed

Create a summary of what you need from the volunteers you want to attract. Give them specific ideas, such as the number of volunteers needed, what tasks they will complete, and the roles they'll be filling. The more clear you make your expectations, the more likely you will find the people who possess the skills and disposition necessary.

4) Give the Pros

Describe the benefits that come with volunteering. Can it be used to pad their resume? Can it be used for experience in the work field? Entice prospective volunteers with a list of pros that come with volunteering at your event.

5) Add More Quotes

You've already let them know the personalities they'll be working with, but this time, add quotes from happy volunteers from previous years. If you're looking for a certain age group, add the age of the person you're quoting, and use people from within that same age bracket. This creates legitimacy and attraction for the event.

6) List Your Qualifications

Weed out those who don't fit the bill by listing clearly your qualifications and requirements for your volunteers. Those who aren't willing to commit the time and effort, or don't have the skills, are less likely to apply. This takes a large chunk of the work out of the picture, allowing you to focus only on those applicants that meet your needs.

7) Provide a Point of Contact

Enter a clear link to contact you in order to apply, or a volunteer sign up form they can fill out. When it is readily available and easy to find, you will receive more applications. Allow them to state when they can work, if there are multiple shifts needed, and what position they would be most interested in working.

8) Set a Deadline

Procrastination is a deadly foe, and oftentimes will reduce volunteer applications. Set a clear deadline for volunteer applications, giving a sense of necessity and urgency to those who might be tempted to fill out the application at another time. This will also bring you peace of mind and allow you to give yourself time to look through the applications, contact your volunteers, and give them the necessary information.

Remember to be clear and informative in each section, stating exactly what the event requires, and using colorful and exciting language to draw your volunteers in. With these simple steps in mind, your next event will be a great success, with volunteers fitting the roles you need.

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