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How to Create an Amazing Event Experience with the Help of Volunteers

Posted by InitLive on Jan 23, 2019 9:07:00 AM

Amazing-event-experience-with-volunteersMaximizing your resources to improve your events means leveraging your supporters. Who better to help than those who have already stepped up? An amazing event experience requires an amazing team. Utilize your volunteers to their fullest potential by providing them with the tools, training, and gratitude they deserve, and they'll help make your event a success. Here's how:

1. Match Your Volunteers to the Right Roles.

How will you know which rules your volunteers will excel in, and which they should avoid? The most efficient method of role assignment is to utilize an efficient volunteer registration tool - one that permits users to select the role they want and will be good at. For those indecisive personality types - give them the option to input their strengths and qualifications so you can fit them in the role best suited for them.

2. Keep Your Staff Informed.

Increase motivation and reduce confusion - and the chance of no-shows - by using a tool designed to keep your staff informed every step of the way. They'll be able to see where they need to be, what they'll be doing and when they should be doing it. Because they'll have access to all the information beforehand, they'll have ample time to clarify any confusions.

3. Communicate Your Expectations.

It's easy to get caught up in the bias of our own perceptions and forget that others may not be thinking the way we are. Give your team a common goal and clearly lay out your expectations for the group as a whole, and for individual roles. Doing so will provide your team with clarity, insight, and motivation.

4. Set the Tone for Your Brand.

How do you help your volunteers effectively communicate your brand? By bringing them into the organization. A professional on-boarding process will provide them with the knowledge and insight necessary to fulfill your quality expectations.

5. Recruit the Right Amount of Staff.

When determining how many volunteers you'll need, be sure to consider the level of difficulty of the task. Will one person be enough to do it well? Will two? Consider employing a floater to help as needed.

For more information on creating amazing events through exceptional volunteer management, check out our resource page!

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