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How to Edit Your Registration Process to Dramatically Increase Volunteer Signups

Posted by InitLive on Nov 14, 2018 9:07:00 AM

increase-volunteer-signupsGreat news! Potential volunteers are visiting your site. But, how can you make sure they actually sign up? You need to create a volunteer signup page that encourages registration, rather than a, "Nah, I'll do this later." This is how:

1) Include All the Necessary Information

What roles are available and what will the volunteer be expected to do? What is the time commitment? What special skills are required? They need to know what they're getting into. Likewise, refrain from including a lot of excess information. What they need to wear is important, but in many cases that's unlikely to influence their decision to get involved. (An exception to that may be if they need to provide their own formal wear!) When you can, save it for later rather than cluttering your page.

2) Keep the Page Professional and Clean

On websites, less is more. As mentioned above, don't overwhelm your visitors with too much information. The page needs to have plenty of white space so your potential volunteers can find what they're looking for.

3) Make It Fun!

Include photos from past events. If your event includes any perks for volunteers (free lunch, free shirts, free entry, etc.), make mention of it. Be creative: perks may include specific training, experience, or networking opportunities, as well. 

4) Show Why Volunteers Matter

Include a brief explanation about why your volunteers matter, and why you love them so much. Volunteers want to have fun, but they also want to know they're making a difference.

5) Make It Easy to Know What to Do Next

Your potential volunteers should never have to ask, "What do I click?" The next steps need to be obvious. The volunteer application button should be visible after your call-to-action, and/or perhaps always present (and clear!) at the bottom of the page. 

To do all these things and more to increase volunteer signups, make sure you're managing them with the right tool! InitLive helps with recruitment, scheduling and communication to ensure your volunteers have the kind of experience that makes them want to volunteer again and again.

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