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Nov 12, 2019 4:00:00 PM by InitLive

How to Increase Attendance at Your Festival Event

Event Planning, Festival Management

How to Increase Attendance at Your Festival EventNo matter the time of year people are always looking for activities to fill their weekends Research shows that about 91% of organizers gauge the success of their events by the number of participants. Increasing your attendance rate year over year is vital to the continued success of your festival. So here are a few ways in which you can increase the attendance at your festival event.

1. Know your target audience

Identifying the target audience enables you to plan an event that is specific to those people.Understand what the expectations of your target audience and plan your event to exceed those established exceptions. As a result, the possibility of engaging the audience substantially increases.

2. Choose your location and get the city involved Choosing -A -Location-for-a festival

A key success factor is the location of your event. The ideal location will be easily accessible and yet special enough to create a memorable experience. One way of enticing your audience to participate is by choosing a venue that involves the uniqueness of the city where the event is. For example, hosting the event at a historical landmark or an old brewery will pique a lot of interest for your event.

3. Curate exceptional content

Just as you need to understand your target audience, you will also be required to come up with event content that attracts people. This means you need to keep in mind the entire demographics of the audience and for example, include family activities if there are kids. Getting people to attend your event is not enough. For real success, you must ensure that they feel stimulated.

3. Introduce Novel Entertainment festival-Entertainment -

Stay ahead of competing festival events by staying of trends and set a example with novel entertainment to draw in the crowds. Whether you are running a music festival, cultural festival or beer festival, a big head liner, a new ride or amazing vendors setting your event is vital to boosting numbers. 

5. Social media promotions

An easy way to promote your event so that it reaches the right audience is through social media promotions. Create a page for your event on Facebook and post on Twitter and Instagram with personalized hashtags.

Budget permitting, you can also get relevant social media influencers to promote your event through their social media posts. 

6. Personalize the invitations

People always appreciate the little touches. Sending personalized invitation is an excellent way to show that you care about their presence at your event. Sure, it will take a little bit more effort, but the result will be a much better response rate.

7. Connect with the local press 

From radio to the free news paper, local press for event promotion is always worth while. Attracting the locals to your event should be top of mind when looking to increase your attendance rate. Consider offering free ticket give away for radio and publishing contest in the paper and on social media to get people excited and talking about your event. 

8. Easy RSVP options and reminders

Sending thoughtful invitations is just half of the matter. You must make sure to have an easy way for your guests to RSVP to you. Often people do not send RSVP notes just because of the process being too complicated. However, if you give a simple RSVP button option through your Facebook page, not only more people will respond, but the event will get added to their calendars. Chances are high that they will attend your event as a result. 

You can also send out reminders just before the event through social media posts as well as personal phone calls and emails.

In conclusion

Taking extra care to follow the above-mentioned steps while organizing will result in an increase in attendance at your festival event.