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Good, Great, Different: How to Leverage Your Event Team's Strengths

Posted by InitLive on Jan 30, 2019 9:05:00 AM

leverage-event-team-strengthYou cherish and appreciate every member of your event management team, and you wouldn't trade any of them for anyone else. Except sometimes, you secretly wish all of them had rear-view eyes, Solomon's wisdom, a wolf's cunning, a leopard's speed and no need for sleep - because that would make assigning tasks so much simpler. But just like any human, they all have particular strengths; perhaps not for the same tasks or at the same time or even in the same room working together. If only you had the managerial magic to get them all on the same performance page. It's time to stop wishing for the impossible and use your team's talents and abilities to their best advantage. Here's how...

Targeting talent: 4 ways to leverage team members' contributions

Focus on what they can do, not what they can't

Team meetings don't point out what each person cannot do or doesn't know or understand. Meetings are collaborative and cooperative, aimed and helping each other learn tasks as back-up assistance, or at least providing a general understanding. Every team member does not need to do every other member's job; so much instruction is time-consuming. But a basic knowledge outline for all keeps everyone informed and provides inclusion.

Make a good match between task and talent

Determine the team members' talents using a registration form with carefully crafted questions or by observation from previous events, and match staff to tasks. Remain observant and monitor their progress, adding tasks for those who successfully complete assignments and providing assistance to those who work diligently but need additional help. Encourage improvement by acknowledging work well done, while suggesting ways to increase performance.

Motivate for more results

Leverage your strongest volunteers by promoting them to trainer status. Previous staff training new staff means no recruiting additional managers and a stronger bond of trust and encouragement between same-level staff.

Shared language, one goal

There's no "us vs. them" in team, and no individual contributes more than anyone else to the final product. Pronouns like "we," "us" and "our" create the bond of shared cause and common goal, with no team member standing on the pinnacle of success alone, able to lord it over anyone else.

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