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Sep 26, 2018 10:51:00 AM by InitLive

How to Provide Volunteers with Greater Support and Incentives

Volunteer Management

provide-volunteers-supportNowadays, younger generations are more sophisticated when it comes to selecting a volunteer position. And top-notch volunteers are vital to many companies, even in their day-to-day operations. So when it comes to planning and executing an event, you want to make sure that you have trained, reliable, and motivated volunteers. Here are some ways to provide your volunteers with greater support and incentives which will motivate them to perform at their best.

1. Give your volunteers access to everything they need online

From tutorials to sign-up sheets, make sure your volunteers can access everything they need, when they need it. Other vital information which they'll want to have handy includes: a list of volunteer roles; up-to-date schedules; a place to fill out their application and list their skills; any updates on the event; and maps, parking information and safety procedures

2. Provide real-time communication

During the event, be sure that your volunteers know who to report to and how to get instant responses to their questions via the official event communication tool. A good place to start is to list the chain of command online and offer a description of their support roles.

3. Post volunteer feedback online after each event

Let your volunteers have a chance to show everyone how hard they worked, what it feels like to work at your event, and how the event could go even more smoothly. They will respect you for giving them a voice, and will encourage their friends to volunteer within an organization where their thoughts and concerns are being heard.

4. Provide quality prizes for the most outstanding performers

It's a great idea to provide swag-bags for all your volunteers. However, you'll want to make prizes for outstanding performers even more special, as long as it's within your budget. You can post the prizes weeks or months before the event, along with a list of criteria that will be used to judge the performances of the winners. You'll get your volunteers salivating over the potential winnings, and you'll create a buzz on social media.

5. Post a volunteer profile-of-the-month

Send out a newsletter or a small communication honoring your most outstanding volunteer in the last event. The volunteer will have something to post on their social media channels, and will encourage others to perform their best next time.

6. Provide plenty of photo ops

When your event takes place, be sure to take pictures of your volunteers doing what they do best. Once again, they'll have photos to share across the various social media channels, and they'll encourage other top performers to sign up as volunteers. Word-of-mouth about a good thing spreads quickly!

With InitLive's all-in-one scheduling & communication tool for events, you can offer your volunteers the informational support and the incentives they need to do their best. And through providing on-the-spot communication right when it's needed, InitLive increases safety and helps your event run smoothly.

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