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Jun 19, 2019 9:06:00 AM by InitLive

How to Reduce Risk at Your Event Using Volunteers

Volunteer Management

reduce-risk-at-events-using-volunteersNo matter how much you prepare for your event, the unexpected always happens. But by providing safety procedures, well-trained volunteers, emergency planning, and direct communication, you'll easily reduce risk of an emergency. So, here are five ways to reduce risk at your event using volunteers:

1. Online safety training for work areas

Set up an online tutorial which offers volunteer training for specific stations: parking, kitchen and grill, ushers and greeters, etc. That way, every volunteer will know the risks involved with each workstation -- and how to avoid them.

2. Emergency procedures

Post instructions on what to do in case of emergency which any staff or volunteer member will need. These can include evacuation plans, step-by-step responses to accidents or medical events, and the location of the first aid kit, fire extinguishers, and emergency eye wash stations. You can even include an online quiz which all your volunteers should take. 

3. Chain of command

Have a clear chain of command mapped out and posted with descriptions of each leader's responsibilities. Your volunteers will be able to get answers quickly and efficiently -- and they'll enjoy working at well-organized event.

4. Important contacts

Have an easily-accessible list of non-emergency numbers such as the local fire department, police department, and utilities. Also include lists of vendors, staff members, and volunteers. If you use an event tool with multi-level access like InitLive, you can limit or provide access according to each team members' needs and responsibilities.

5. Direct communication in real time

Lastly, make sure your volunteers can contact their point person or line manager with any question and connect with them immediately. Your volunteers will then have their questions answered quickly, and they'll be able to respond appropriately to any unexpected situation.

Reduce risks at your event with InitLive. With this all-in-one event scheduling and communication tool, you'll ensure that all your volunteers are trained, informed, and ready for action. 

For more information on organizing successful events through exceptional volunteer management, check out our resource page!

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