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Jul 10, 2019 11:48:00 AM by InitLive

Improving Event Staff Communications by 100% at the Academy of Country Music Awards

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How do you manage over 95 staff members, over 415 shifts, and over 2000 working hours for an event? Sheri Piecuch Vyfvinkel, Volunteer Manager for the Academy of Country Music, had this very question for organizing the ACM Awards in 2019. Difficulties in communication had frequently caused her stress; she simply had too much to manage for what tools she had. She described her situation as "a puzzle that the pieces keep moving" - but somehow, she managed to improve communications for the 2019 ACM Awards. How?

Choosing InitLive

ACM organizers decided to use InitLive, a mobile tool that helps organizers manage shift scheduling and staff communication. By using InitLive, ACM organizers saw communications improve by 100%, reduced operating cost, and all volunteers at their shifts. The ease of communication provided by InitLive allowed task-completion time to decrease from a couple of hours to mere minutes. The increased communication and ease of scheduling led to all these benefits, as well as a decrease in stress for both organizers and volunteers.

What does InitLive do?

So: how exactly did the ACM organizers benefit from InitLive's tools? One way InitLive helped was through custom registration: ACM organizers were able to provide an elegant sign-up page for volunteers as well as vet volunteers for placement. 

Real-time visibility was another important feature that ACM organizers used. Schedule and shift changes could be done in real-time, and organizers could view late check-ins or other potential issues to solve them ahead of time. InitLive also provides mobility, so that organizers and volunteers could check the app from any place.

In addition to this, ACM volunteers and staff were able to use InitLive to provide information to festival musicians and attendees. The InitLive mobile app has information sharing functionality, allowing organizers to add important details outside of schedules and shifts. Volunteers could check artist face sheets and use checklists in the app, making their jobs easier before and during the event.

Finally, InitLive provides customer service, including a yearly refresher course. Sheri opts to use the refresher course - and feels that InitLive is invested in her and her team's success.


A Customer Success Story 

Learn how the Academy of Country Music Awards  spend 50% less time on administrative work with InitLive's volunteer scheduling software . 

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