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Jul 29, 2019 12:00:00 AM by InitLive

Learn How Indy Premier Soccer Club Tournament Saved 88% of Time Managing Volunteers With InitLive

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Learn How Indy Premier Soccer Club Tournament Saved 88% of Time Managing Volunteers With InitLive

If you're an event planner, you know how important it is to keep in direct contact with your volunteers -- and how much time you lose when you don't. According to a recent case study, the Indy Premier Soccer club tournament event recently saved 88% of the time it usually took to successfully manage volunteers during its major fundraiser, the IPSC Annual Halloween Classic. Read on to see how InitLive made the soccer club's annual fundraising tournament a smashing success.

About the Indy Premier Soccer Club

The Indy Premier Soccer Club (IPSC) offers around-the-year soccer programs to youth of all ages and abilities. The club is especially known throughout the Midwest for its annual Halloween Classic where over 380 teams compete at eight different facilities. For years, IPSC organizers created and downloaded spreadsheets to adjust volunteer schedules and track hours manually. Because they couldn't communicate in real time, volunteers frequently showed up at the wrong venue.

How InitLive helped

For the past three years, the IPSC has been using InitLive's event day app which has made dramatic improvements in event coordination and communication. The stakes were bigger than ever: In the most recent IPSC Annual Halloween Classic, the club's 665 volunteers worked with over 380 teams at eight different locations. The organizers coordinated over 401 shifts and the team clocked in over 4000 hours. Here is how Indy preimer s

1. Convenient self-registration

With InitLive, IPSC volunteers could self-register, choose the roles the want to fill, and even select their own shifts. These options leave them feeling empowered, engaged, and ready to succeed. As a result, the most recent IPSC Annual Halloween Classic achieved an 80% attendee retention rate..  

2. Effective communication with real-time visibility

With the  InitLive app, organizers communicated directly with volunteers. Altogether, the event staff achieved a record attendance rate of 95%. Volunteers were able to contact their shift supervisor if they had questions or if they needed to day of shift changes reducing no-shows and day of anxieties.

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4. Secure information

InitLive is GDPR compliant, ensuring that all the personal information from IPSC volunteers was stored securely in the cloud.

5. Improved efficiency

Prior to using InitLive, the IPSC team managed and scheduled the annual tournament using spreadsheets and SignUp Genius which was inefficient and costly. InitLive has saved IPSC thousands of dollars in labor time during the three years since the Indiana soccer club started using the event app. 

6. Tracking function

Staff used InitLive to track each volunteer's hours. Since InitLive made all the scheduling information transparent, schedulers always knew how many hours each volunteer worked, how to contact them, and to which facility they were to show up at.

7. Event-wide broadcasting

IPSC used InitLive to broadcast weather reports and field closings, leaving no surprises for anyone.

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