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Jan 28, 2020 12:30:00 PM by InitLive

Learn How Loud and Live Scaled Up Their Volunteer Program by 300%

Volunteer Management, Festival Management, Sporting Event Management

Learn How Loud and Live Scaled Up Their Volunteer Program by 300%

For years, Media, marketing, and entertainment company Loud and Live depended upon spreadsheets for managing volunteers. Finally, after searching a number of platforms to find a way to house all their event management plans in one place, Community Relations Manager Stacy Konstantinov discovered just how valuable all-in-one tool Init Live proved to be. So read on to learn how Loud and Live scaled up their volunteer program by 300%.

1. Increased communication and reach

InitLive provided a customized registration page that clearly displayed the event's brand. It also let viewers to share the page, reaching a much larger viewing audience. It also offered event-wide broadcasting --which came in super-handy when poor weather made it necessary to evacuate an outdoor event, Konstantinov reports.

2. Real-time visibility across multiple days

 Managers could check schedules, volunteer attendance, and other data, giving them the opportunity to make changes as necessary. By offering real-time visibility across multiple event days, InitLive permitted Loud and Live coordinators to track data online and make detailed post-event reports available for volunteers' schools.  

3. Reduced stress on event day

Since Loud and Live's managers could see the schedule throughout the course of the event and make last-minute scheduling changes, it made event day management much less stressful. Coordinators found immediate solutions for no-shows and emergencies, and volunteers were empowered with the ability to keep track of their schedules through online access. 

4. Efficient qualifications management

Lastly, InitLive allowed Loud and Live to filter volunteers based on requirements in order to meet age requirements and other prerequisites. The event coordinators were also able to rate volunteers, ensuring that they had a stellar, top-performing volunteer staff.  

With InitLive, Loud and Live experienced increased functionality and no longer had to depend upon hundreds of spreadsheets to monitor their 800+ volunteers. All the information they needed to run an outstanding event lay within their grasp through a mere click of a button.

You can scale up your own events and experience increased efficiency and performance when you use InitLive's all-in-one volunteer management, safety, and communication tool. Check out our website to find out how InitLive can make your next event your best event ever!

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