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Mar 4, 2020 4:15:00 PM by InitLive

Learn How WanderLust Managed a Single Volunteer Database Across 25 Events

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Learn How WanderLust Managed a Single Volunteer Database Across 25 Events

For the past ten years, Wanderlust has held its annual festivals where yoga teachers and practitioners gathered for a transformational experience of yoga, music, and instruction. In 2019, Wanderlust hosted 25 events across North America where attendees participated in a triathlon of walking, meditation, and yoga. For their one-to-four day events held at multiple locations, Wanderlust coordinators selected InitLive as its official volunteer management tool. Read on to learn how WanderLust managed a single volunteer database across 25 events using InitLive.

Flexible, fast scheduling

Using InitLive, Wanderlust coordinators gave volunteers the freedom to select the shifts that interested and motivated them. Plus, the color-coded scheduling appeared in a calendar format, making each daily shifts crystal clear at a glance. And while Wanderlust coordinators created schedules from scratch in the past, InitLive allowed them to duplicate schedules from a previously established template.

Real-time communication and easy access to information

When something came up, volunteers communicated with management immediately, either through InitLive's messaging or by means of the volunteer coordinator's cell phone number through the InitLive app. All event-related communications were channeled through one device, making it easy to retrieve and respond to all messages. In addition, management could send out documents and the site map before the events, allowing volunteers to pull up the site map -- or anything else they needed to assist attendees -- on their phone using the app. 


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Smooth on-site management 

InitLive's communication system made onsite management exceptionally easy, and coordinators were always able to contact volunteers for more help. When the volunteer coordinators saw that they were short staff at one venue, for instance, they simply messaged volunteers to come out and assist, and then return to their regular shift at their scheduled venue.

Empowering volunteers

With direct communication and easy access to all the information they would need, volunteers at Wanderlust knew exactly what to do and where to go. Plus, since each volunteer was required to work a minimum amount of hours, InitLive's time-tracking function tracked each volunteer's hours. As a result, virtually all volunteers fulfilled their minimal work requirement, leaving them with a sense of empowerment and accomplishment. 

Make InitLive your all-in-one safety, communication, and volunteer management tool. For more information on how you can manage your next multi-site event with InitLive, please contact us

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