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Oct 18, 2017 9:06:00 AM by InitLive

Making a Difference: How Nonprofits Can Benefit from Events

Event Design


Regardless of size, putting on an event takes a considerable amount of time and resource - both of which a lot of nonprofit organizations have very little of. However, this doesn’t mean nonprofits should shy away from events.

Some of the best fundraising comes through nonprofit events, with the rewards and benefits stretching far beyond this - making the investment of time, manpower and finances even more worthwhile. Whether you’re looking to organize a family fun-run or a large-scale charity gala, the impact events can have for nonprofits is significant. In fact, as you take a deeper look, there are all sorts of ways that nonprofits can benefit from events.

Increased brand awareness
We may not typically think of nonprofit organizations as brands, but that’s exactly what they are. The overall objective may be raising awareness of a particular cause, but ultimately, the brand profile and values are the things that people buy into. While traditional promotional methods through advertising, social media and content curation can go a long way towards getting the message out there, an event can do even more - on two levels.

Firstly, there’s an increased online exposure, with attendees pushing the event and their participation through various social media platforms. Therefore, your message and brand will reach far and wide across the internet - having an impact on more than just those who attend on the day.

Secondly, on a localized level, gathering participants in one place gives nonprofits the opportunity to take to the stage and convey a united message to interested parties on a personal level. The buy-in that a well-organized and executed nonprofit event can bring not only increases awareness of their core messages, but also establishes the brand within the community by building a direct rapport with individuals and communities looking to make a difference.

Whether you get your message out there with eye-catching dump bins, banners and merchandise at the event or you use the power of social media to reiterate the message online, you’re sure to get noticed.

Greater fundraising opportunities

Non-profit-events6.pngWith people onboard at nonprofit events, it’s time to focus on one of the most obvious benefits of hosting an event: fundraising. Uniting people together for the same cause has the ability to create a real buzz around even the most hard-hitting issues. This genuine interest is infectious, sparking a desire in people to want to do more and give something back to others less fortunate - and it may also inspire others to join in and spread the word, so there’s huge potential for more donations. Don’t underestimate the personal touch that nonprofit events can deliver - as the powerful emotional effect on participants can lead to increased fundraising levels, both in terms of time and money.

Giving something back

With such an emotional buy-in from donors and participants, it’s important to show them you value their support at an event. Ensuring each aspect of the event is well-executed will show you appreciate their efforts and value attendees - and this will be key to their continued long-term support. You can also show them your gratitude with added extras like freebies, online publicity and personal dedications throughout the event, if you have the resources.

Building meaningful relationships

Another fantastic benefit nonprofits can gain from events is the prospect of building strong and meaningful relationships - both on an individual basis and from a business perspective. With financial and labor resources often limited, many nonprofits will look outward to volunteers within the community and businesses who may be able to provide event sponsorship and other support. These relationships are mutually beneficial and, in the case of businesses, offer the opportunity for co-publicity, strengthened brand positioning and a long-standing partnership to boost funding and scope for future events - as well as opening doors for other beneficial relationships through word-of-mouth.

Organizing a nonprofit event is never going to be an easy feat, especially when you’re so reliant on external resources and support, but we hope this article highlights just how beneficial and worthwhile they can be both in the short-term and in the long-run.

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