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Feb 4, 2021 9:41:16 AM by InitLive

Mobilizing and Managing COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Volunteers


Mobilizing and Managing COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Volunteers

There is no doubt that vaccinating billions of people worldwide will be one of the greatest logistical feats seen in recent decades. From distribution and vaccination tracking to the vaccine’s mass administration, all health authorities and governments have a large task on their hands. There are only so many medical professionals and administrators to go around. Many of them are still needed in hospitals. Governments and organizations are turning to vaccine clinic volunteers as a solution to get the job done. This article will discuss how organizations can mobilize and manage vaccine clinic volunteers and the technology that can expedite the process. 

Here is a quick overview of what the article will cover:

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Logistics 

The logistical task to get vaccines into arms worldwide has a lot of moving parts. With double dose vaccinations that require specialized refrigeration, the job needs absolute precision to ensure no vaccine gets wasted. From distribution and prioritization to communication and administration, the human resources needed in clinics is immense.

Identify Clinic Staffing Requirement for Medical and Non-Medical Roles 

A COVID-19 vaccination clinic requires a variety of medical and non-medical roles to perform necessary tasks, and with a clinic in every community, that's a lot of people. While there are many vaccine administration models, from large-scale clinics to pharmacies, they all require staffing plans. It is estimated that there is one medical role for every ten non-medical roles needed for a vaccination clinic. 

 Medical Roles

  • Nurse Screening Patients 

  • Medical Professional Preparing the vaccination dosage

  • Nurse Administering the vaccination 

  • Medical Professional Preparing the vaccination dosage

  • Medical Professional observing patients who have received the vaccination

Non-Medical Roles


  • Vaccine appointment management 

  • Clinic set up and supply management. 

  • Reception 

  • Cleaning 

  • Administration

  • Traffic control and crowd management  

  • General support roles 

There are many roles to fill and only so much budget to pay staff, which is why many organizations are turning to volunteers to help fill the gaps. There are plenty of willing volunteers all around the world ready to help, but unfortunately, many of them don’t know where or who to get in contact with to get started. 

Managing Volunteers For COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics  

InitLive COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Volunteer Management  Solution

After a year of restrictions, unemployment, and hardships, people have raised their hands to volunteer in their communities' vaccine clinics. Now it's up to organizations to start harnessing those community members in a safe and intelligent way that helps vaccination efforts. To manage volunteers on such a scale, organizations should consider investing in technology that has been specifically built to handle volunteer management requirements. InitLive’s volunteer solution offers organizations a single platform to recruit, screen, schedule, manage, communicate and track volunteers for vaccination clinics. InitLive also provides integrations with CRMs like the Salesforce vaccine cloud, which provides a complete end-to-end logistics solution. 

Recruiting Volunteers For Vaccination Rollout Efforts

The first step after completing a vaccine clinic staffing analysis is creating and implementing a volunteer recruitment strategy. You need to ensure you can fill all those roles with community volunteers that have the skills required to complete the tasks. Here is a quick overview of the steps necessary to create an online volunteer recruitment process: 

  1. Create  detailed volunteer role descriptions with skills and qualification requirements. 

  2. Create a customized online volunteer registration form and workflow to collect all the information required to screen volunteer candidates. 

  3. Publish all vaccine clinic volunteer opportunities online and promote them through various communication and marketing channels. 

Scheduling and Managing Vaccine Volunteers 

Scheduling and managing volunteers offers a unique challenge; unlike paid staff, volunteers have a smaller availability window. Matching the volunteer`s skills to the right role and shift  is imperative for success.. Building out your volunteer schedule should be simple once you have done your staffing analysis.  

Here are a few steps to get you started: 

  1. Identify the hours required for each task as well as the location of each shift.

  2. What are the minimum and the maximum number of volunteers needed to work at the clinic? 

  3. Post shifts online and allow registered volunteers to sign up directly for roles and shifts they are qualified for that work within their schedule. 

Once you have your schedule in place, you must equip volunteers with all the information they need to succeed through comprehensive online training. Volunteers should be able to contact their supervisor directly through various means, while also having access to their schedules, be able to check into shifts, and easily access all training documents during their shifts.   

InitLive Vaccine Volunteer Management solution Download The Solution PDF 

Scaling Up Vaccine Administration To Meet Targets 

As organizations plan logistical and management protocols for vaccine clinics, those plans need to scale up quickly as more vaccines become available. Technology solutions offer the greatest capability to scale up as required. Investing in a solution to meet increasing community requirements will ensure long term clinic success in the coming months. 

InitLive’s technology specializes in mobilizing temporary volunteers/staff to achieve great outcomes in times of crisis. With seven technology patents and a highly experienced team, InitLive is uniquely equipped to deploy and scale vaccination operations quickly. If you are interested in learning more about how your organization can use InitLive to mobilize and manage volunteers for vaccination efforts, please click the button below to talk to our sales experts. 

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