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Plan the Perfect Event With These 9 Free Resources

Posted by InitLive on Dec 5, 2018 9:06:00 AM

9-free-resources-to-plan-the-perfect-eventPlanning an event can be a time consuming and frustrating task. You want every detail to be perfection, and your time should be spent on making that possible not evaluating hundreds of resources to see if they fit your needs. Take a look at some of these resources that will make your event easier than ever to plan: 

Before the Event

Great planning obviously starts before the event even happens. You need to make sure the event is staffed correctly, it meets the goal you are trying to achieve, and you plan for every possible thing that may go wrong. Never fear, though. We have you covered on all of those bases and a few more!


1. Organize the Help 

This ebook (How to Manage Volunteers like a Pro) is the perfect guide to help you identify, locate, train, and manage the perfect team of staff and volunteers. Like all the best things in life, this ebook is free and can be downloaded to your favorite content reading device for easy reference. 

2. Registration 

Along with choosing the perfect staff for your event and preparing them for the big day, you also have to keep track of them and get to know them so you know exactly how to best employ them. This will not be an easy task, depending on how many volunteers you will need. This registration form template contains all the pertinent questions you'll need. 

3. Scheduling 

Is your event more than one day or shift? Do you have volunteers that can only work part of the event? Or will you need to move them around depending on changing needs throughout the day? Do you plan on offering breaks? Who will cover them? Find out what questions you need to ask yourself and learn how to make the most effective schedule using this scheduling guide

Event Value 

One common mistake that event planners make is they spend more on the event than they can hope to get in return, making the event an liability to your company's bottom line rather than a benefit. This Event ROI template will help you ensure that you are keeping your company's goals in mind and planning an event that best aligns with those goals. Use it after the event too to find out what improvements can be made in future planning. 


An area that often gets overlooked is safety. Even the most perfect of events can be ruined if planners are not prepared for unseen event. Use this Event Emergency Action Plan template to help you consider all necessary safety precautions and make a plan of action. 


The perfect event relies on effective communication among planners, staff, and business partners from before the event begins to the event's end. Everyone needs to be on the same page to make sure that things run smoothly. Download our slideshow to find out how to make an effective communication plan and how to prepare everyone for the big day. 

Boost Morale

Let's face it: planning an event is stressful! There are so many details and tasks that need to be done and overlooking even the smallest one can create even more stress for the planners. Download these inspirational quotes to keep spirits high and remind everyone why they are working so hard to make the event possible! 

For more on event planning, check out our Event Planning 101 Guide! 

After the Event 

Once the event is over, there are some key steps to take to make sure that the event was successful and future ones will be as well. 

Thank You's 

Remember all those amazing staff members and volunteers that helped make the event the best it could be? Were there any donors present that help meet your event's goal? Get our special gift guide and Thank you card templates for ideas on how to show them they are valued and increase the likelihood that they will be around for future events. 

Evaluating Your Event 

The event is over, all the thanks you's have been sent out, and you have a quick minute to breathe before the next event needs to be planned. This is the perfect time to reflect on the event's strengths and weaknesses. Download this ebook to help you learn how to take important data from your event, analyze it, and keep it for future reference. 

Even the most complex event can be simplified when you have the right resources and tools available. Before planning your next event, make sure you've equipped yourself with all these resource gems!

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