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Jul 25, 2019 4:58:00 PM by InitLive

Promoting Your Festival Event Hashtag: The Ultimate Guide

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Promoting -Your-Festival-Event -Hashtag- The- Ultimate- Guide

You probably know that Twitter was the first to use hashtags to promote a topic or event. And now, they're being used throughout all the major social media channels by companies and individuals alike to promote special events. Below you'll find our ultimate guide to promoting your festival event hashtag. 

Create a unique hashtag.

1. Make it original.

Your hashtag should only refer to your event -- so google your idea first to make sure that it's not taken, or that it's not associated with a  negative concept or topic.

2. Keep it short and simple.

You'll want your festival event hashtag to be simple so that it will remain top of mind. Make it easy to understand, spell, and pronounce. Capture the idea of your event in just one or two words. And if possible, use only one memorable and effective hashtag for each event which you're promoting.

3. Make it recyclable.

Ensure your hashtag can be reused with minor alterations. You want people to recognize the original concept each year so that you can build upon the event's popularity over time. A good hashtag is something like  #eventname2019.

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Create an effective pre-festival buzz.

1. Show highlights of last year's promotions.

In the weeks and months before the festival event, use your hashtag to build excitement online. Attach your hashtag to the best images of last year's promotional campaign as well as the event itself.

2. Award VIP status to influencers and brand ambassadors.

Identify some top influencers who would make great brand ambassadors for your festival event. Get them to promote your event on Instagram using the hashtag in exchange for a VIP pass. In addition to creating a strong pre-festival buzz, their presence will likely boost attendance.

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The Ultimate Festival Event Planning Guide

Promote the hashtag during the festival event.

Host a swag giveaway for attendees and get increase the hashtag buzz for attendees and volunteers at the festival. 

1. Give away swag.

Host a swag giveaway for attendees and get increase the hashtag buzz for attendees and volunteers at the festival. Post lots of photos and videos with your hashtag revealing attendees showing off their swag, which should bear your logo whenever possible. 

2. Encourage your volunteers to share.

Finally, provide incentives to get your volunteers to share online. Be sure to create lots of shining moments for them to take selfies, and encourage them to share with their friends and followers. 

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