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Jul 12, 2019 10:00:00 AM by InitLive

Push and Pull Approaches for Successful Volunteer Recruitment and Scheduling

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approaches-for-successful- volunteer-recruitment-and-scheduling

Adopted from push and pull marketing, push and pull methods of recruitment and scheduling are two very different but valid ways of going about managing your volunteer teams for your event. Read on to learn more about push versus pull approaches to volunteer recruitment and scheduling. 

The Push Method  

This approach emphasizes a vetting process, gathering recruiting and scheduling information, and leaving the decision-making in the hands of the organizer. Here's what's involved:

1. The event organizer manages all the recruiting. 

Launch a strong recruitment campaign using the top digital media channels. Be sure to include detailed descriptions about the unique benefits of volunteering at your event. Send out your custom registration form out to your database of volunteers and start your vetting and scheduling process. 

2. Each volunteer is thoroughly vetted.

Next, vet your responses thoroughly, matching volunteers to specific roles based upon position requirements, certifications, and other relevant information. It's helpful to give a detailed background survey to your recruits to get all the information you need.

3.The event organizer controls the scheduling process.

Finally, instruct your volunteers to send their availability, and then schedule everyone as appropriate. InitLive's smart scheduling technology does the heavy lifting finding you the best volunteer matches for each shift based the preferences of the volunteers and your requirements. This type of approach is great for dealing with newcomers who appreciate an organized, detail-oriented leader. 

The Pull Method

The pull approach places the power to choose shifts and roles with the volunteers, saving you administrative time. 

1.  Event organizer places all the shifts and roles on the table.

First, attract volunteers through your customized event registration form from your website and share it across multiple channels including email and social media. Then place all roles and shifts on the table so they can self sign up for shifts and roles that best work for them. 

2. It empowers the volunteers.

This type of management encourages empower your event staff and volunteers to choose what shifts that are best for them, placing the ownership on them. This works best for roles that don't have an specific skill requirements.

3. It saves time.

Finally, this approach is quicker as the event administration communicates directly with volunteers. It's up to the volunteers to find their own shift replacements when a time conflict occurs.

Using a combination of both.  

You can even use a combination of the push and pull methods to fit your management style. For example, try using the push method to attract volunteers initially. Once you've closely vetted them, have them self-schedule and find their own shift replacements.   

Whether you use the push or the pull approach, make life simple with InitLive. This all-in-one volunteer management tool offers the freedom of a customize-able recruitment and volunteer management strategy to meet your events specific needs. To find out how you can launch a highly successful event with InitLive, please contact us

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