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Aug 10, 2016 9:30:00 AM by InitLive

Reasons Why NOT Being A Volunteer Is Bad For Your Health & Your Heart

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Who would have guessed that being a volunteer is great for your health? Is it really that far off base? There's a reason we get that warm fuzzy feeling when we do something good. Any event manager knows just how important and highly needed volunteers are - yet, it's still a constant challenge to recruit. Here are 6 motivating reasons to tell people why they shouldn't NOT volunteer (gotta love double negatives!).

  1. Volunteering gives us a sense of purpose, connecting us to the needs of those around us and giving back. Not volunteering equals a lack of purpose.

  2. Helping others through volunteering improves our mood. It's like a global, non-prescription anti-depressant. So, volunteer or Xanax. Your choice.

  3. Nothing lowers stress like volunteering. Consider matching your hours of stressful work with delightfully teaching English as a second language, assisting with a fundraiser, or by helping make a festival or sporting event in your city possible. Stress kills. Volunteers live.

  4. Volunteering builds and strengthens relationships. How? When volunteering, you'll meet new people with similar interests. And, if you already know the people you're working with, volunteering will allow you to see each other in a new light, handling situations and facing new challenges, This fosters empathy and unity. Or, just continue feeling lonely. Your call.

  5. All volunteering environments build team work skills. Working together where no pay and often low budgets are involved, means even more sharing ideas and problem solving, which just makes us better people. No team work makes us grow stale.

  6. Hone your time management skills by volunteering. Who has time to volunteer? You do! Find the time and use it effectively. It you have time to tweet, you have time to volunteer. Think of all the other great things you'll get to do when you're the time master.

Helping others, animals and environments is good for obvious reasons. But dwelling just outside the box are new people, places, and adventures to make us experience life in healthier and happier ways. We hope these reasons to volunteer help you get the help you need for your event!

For more resources to help get people excited about volunteering for your event, be sure to check out our Volunteer Guide for Hospitality at Events here! For all of your volunteer management needs, learn about how InitLive can help.

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