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Apr 24, 2020 12:38:34 PM by InitLive

Recruiting Volunteers For A Sporting Event

Volunteer/Staff Recruitment, Sporting Event Management

Recruiting Volunteers For A Sporting Event

No matter the sporting event, from a city marathon to a regional youth sports tournament, they all rely heavily on a dedicated team of volunteers. Volunteers make up a huge portion of the manpower at sports clubs, events, tournaments, and day-to-day operations. This makes volunteer recruitment and management essential to the success of any sporting event or organization. This guide will walk you through how to recruit a winning team of volunteers while offering some management at tips along the way. 


Before you can being recruiting volunteers, you need to create a clear game plan. Consider who your ideal volunteers are? Are they sports fans or are they the parents and family members of the athletes? Understanding who you are trying to recruit and what their motivations are is essential to creating a solid staffing plan. 

For example if the majority of your volunteers are family members or friends of the athletes they will likely want to register to volunteer as a group and work shifts together as a group. This would require a registration process and volunteer management solution that can handle that requirement. During this planning stage, you should have a clear set of goals for your volunteer program and a timeline that establishes when volunteer registration needs to open.  You also need to establish what roles your volunteers need to fulfill and what skills are required to get the tasks done.

As an administrator, you need to ensure you have the tools required to not only recruit and schedule your volunteers but also communicate and manage them on the event day. Consider investing in a volunteer management solution that will save you countless hours. InitLive offers an all-in-one volunteer management solution to get the job done without the spreadsheets and confusing emails chains

Once you have a clear plan and the tools needed to execute it, its time to get cracking on defining your volunteer roles and qualifications. 

Defining Volunteer Roles and Qualifications 

In order to properly place volunteers, you need to create detailed role descriptions and defined qualifications. This can be a time-consuming task; however, once you have created all these roles in a volunteer management solution, you can reuse them over and over again, adjusting things as requires.  

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