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Feb 3, 2020 12:15:00 PM by InitLive

Strategies to Secure Corporate Grants For Volunteer Programs

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Strategies to Secure Corporate Grants For Volunteer ProgramsEstablishing a vibrant non-profit volunteer program is not just about recruiting volunteers. It also means partnering up with like-minded organizations and being able to elicit funding in the form of donations and grants. There are different ways to bring in funds from corporations that share a common interest in what your non-profit has to offer. So read on to discover a few strategies on securing corporate grants for volunteer programs.

1. Write a grant proposal.

When you research the types of corporate grants available, look for what Volunteer Toronto describes as "tri-alignment." In other words, make sure the goals of your volunteer program align with the goals of your non-profit organization, the corporation offering the grant, and needs of the populations your non-profit serves. In addition, Volunteer Toronto says it's a good idea to work with other organizations as you implement your volunteer program. Doing so can help you get to know organizations that give out grants or make donations in other ways.


2. Make information on corporate grants available  your volunteers.

According to Double The Donation, your volunteers can check a number of volunteer online databases to see if their employer sends donations to non-profits in the form of grant funds when their employees work as volunteers. Include a grant landing page on your website when volunteers register, linking them to the information they need to apply for these grants. Once the application with their employer has been accepted, track their hours as they work so their employer can contact you for verification. When the event is over and the volunteer's hours have been verified, their employer sends your non-profit a check. 

3. Research companies that provide matching donations.

In addition, there are some companies that provide non-profits with matching funds when their employees work as volunteers who raise money at your event. Research and keep track of those companies, making the information available to your volunteers online when they register to volunteer on your website. 

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4.Get the right communication technology.

Since securing grants, disseminating information to volunteers, and tracking volunteer hours requires research, document storage, and communication, use an event management tool that allows you to complete all these tasks while keeping everything together in one place.   

Use InitLive it to create, store, post, broadcast, and document -- everything you need to implement your strategies for securing grants to fund your next event -- and of course, for managing an an awesome event. For more strategies on how to secure corporate grants for volunteer programs, please contact us

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