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Sep 9, 2019 4:38:00 PM by InitLive

The Complete Guide- How to Recruit Volunteers for an Event

Volunteer/Staff Recruitment, Event Management

Copy of Blog Images Vol. 12 (44)Great volunteers are the secret to a successful event. They give first and last impressions, so they make or break the event for which you've been planning all this time. So there's nothing's more important than a well-managed recruitment process. Read on to discover the complete guide for successful volunteer recruitment process.

1. Description

Let your volunteers know what they're getting into. Give them an opportunity to decide whether they'll make a good fit by offering a thorough event description. Most of all, since a volunteer's payoff lies in the experience and knowledge they'll gain, you'll want to sell them on the great time they'll have by working at your event.

Your volunteer role description should include the follow

  • A summary of the role of what their shift will look like. 
  • Detailed requirements including physical requirements like ability to walk up to 3 hours or can lift 50lbs. 
  • Qualification requirement likes age, drivers license for first aid certification.

2. Imagery: A picture's worth a thousand words. 

Today's volunteers are visual. So post plenty of pictures showing memorable moments from years past. And let your volunteers get a sense of the environment they'll be working in by showcasing an elegant layout, smiling attendees, and helpful staff. 

3. List Opportunities 

Forget about casting a wide net and waiting for the warm bodies to show up. Post a list of volunteer roles with complete descriptions. For starters, many events need: ushers; information and registration assistants; floaters and runners; grounds crew for outdoor events; coffee table attendants; servers and kitchen staff; and setup and breakdown crew. In addition, think about specialized positions which require specific skills. These include foreign language interpreters, social media coordinators, maintenance crew, on-call medical staff, IT, and audio-visual.

4. Number of positions to fill for each role

By specifying and limiting the number of positions available for each role, you can distribute volunteers across the work stations as needed. At the same time, you'll instill a sense of healthy competition among potential volunteers. They'll be motivated to do their best so they can land and keep the position which appeals to them the most.

5. Online registration, short and sweet

Keep registration quick and simple. You'll attract tech-savvy volunteers who are used to solving problems in an instant. In addition, provide an online signup process which allows you to:

  • Gather each applicant's availability.
  • Let applicants ask their own questions.
  • Provide self-signup options for shifts. (This function will help reduce no-shows as volunteers select shifts which suit them best.)
  • Share the signup link through social media, email, and your website. 

6. Thorough communication

Lastly, with an event management tool like InitLive, you'll show volunteers that your well-organized is worth their time and preparation. In addition, you'll be able to send confirmations, reminders, updates, and more with InitLive's all-in-one event planning and management tool.

For more information on how you can have a five-star volunteer recruitment process with InitLive, please contact us.